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Once, twice, maybe three times a century, a city issue comes up uniting the city and forever altering its course.
For the City of Lake Geneva, those issues have included the building of the railroad to the City of Lake Geneva, the building of The Riviera Pier Complex in the depression, and today; saving the Hillmoor Golf Course property. All three of these issues are uniting symbols of the city and the resilience and hope of the residents for its future.

The railroad put the City of Lake Geneva on the map. The Riviera showed the unity of the residents and their resolve during the great depression. Today the city has the Hillmoor Golf Course Property, which stands as a symbol of the resident’s resolve to protect the city’s future by preserving the last large tract of open green space within the downtown area of the city. However, the Hillmoor property has been placed on the gallows, prepared by mayor Tom Hartz, City Attorney Dan Draper, and some alderpersons. They are feverishly working to put a noose around Hillmoor’s neck, while the residents nervously hold on to a ray of hope (the votes of a several decent alderpersons).

Meanwhile, the administration plots against them and ignores and tramples over all proper procedures, protocols, ordinances and legal requirements in their rush to put the noose around the Hillmoor property and to prepare the gallows before the Comprehensive Plan deadline and vote. Their scramble is to assure all details are in place so that the vote will benefit and make millions for the current owners. The Hillmoor issue is about the spirit of the residents uniting against misled city officials and financial the interests of a few. If the Hillmoor property is divided, it will never be put back together.

Also if Hillmoor is divided it will crush the residential spirit of the city and once crushed that spirit might never come back, and the small-town atmosphere and friendliness will be gone. With all the approved residential developments, which already exceed multi-year requirements, and with the Hummel property (1/3 the area of the total area of the city) being available for future residential and commercial developments, there is no need to change the land use designation in the comprehensive plan. And, there is absolutely no justifiable reason for the city’s current actions regarding the Hillmoor property except to cover their own previous inept and negligent actions with even more careless actions.


Dr. Scary’s Scream Park was getting ready to open this weekend at the Delavan location.
Unfortunately, Dr. Scary’s Haunted House had been open for ten years and in the Delavan location for the past two. Many were anticipating a third year of even more horrifying fun. Dr. Scary’s has sold their haunt and the future of Delavan location is unknown. The employees of the scream park were as disappointed as the fear fans. One very invested employee is not giving up and is already planning the next Halloween season with a new local haunt. The nearest haunted houses are Shockwave Haunt on Clover Valley Road and Halloween Happenings I and Haunted Trails at the Scenic Ridge Campgrounds both in Whitewater or Wisconsin Fear Grounds in Waukesha, you will have to travel a little farther away to get your spook on.


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