The wonderfully revitalized Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay is having a benefit.
Friday night, the 30th of this month, 6:30 to 9:30; Fifty dollars. Well worth it. They’ve designed a special lens to allow everyone in attendance to actually look directly through the largest refracting telescope on the planet, unless the weather’s bad. Then you get to make believe you are seeing something through that lens. Just being there and circulating is worth the money, not to mention consuming free wine!

Yerkes Observatory Williams Bay

Yerkes Observatory is a facility of the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the University of Chicago. It was established in 1897 on Geneva Lake in Williams Bay, Wisconsin


The Geneva Java Coffee Shop gets new signs and a new lease on life: 252 Center Street, just across the street from Lake Geneva’s only other coffee shop, but different.
It’s rumored that the Java is buying up all the stuff being auctioned off at Boatyard Bagel, which might work out for both. The Java already has some of the best breakfast and lunch fare in town. If you want authentic, ‘home cooked’ Wisconsin fare, and their Mountain Thunder 100% Kona (get a pour over) this stuff is the best this side of Madison.

Bagel Shop Closing Lake Geneva

The Boatyard Bagel Shop is no more. Finally, gasping and putting out its last breath the place closed last week. Everything is for sale online. It is rumored that the Geneva Java Coffee Shop is buying most of the inventory but that’s only a rumor. The new distillery will e going into the Boatyard’s space and that should be an interesting development and business to watch. And drink in.


The bridge across the boat canal running east and west on South Shore Read in Fontana is closed.
The village council was forced to scrap further plans to fix the crumbling structure and had to vote to replace it. They didn’t choose the most beautiful (and expensive) version so don’t expect a lot of beauty when the thing is finished sometime this winter. Be aware that the road will be closed until construction is finished.

Renfering of new Bridge South Lakeshore Drive

This is a computer generated rendering of the Bridge on South Lakeshore Drive, being built by bridge construction contractor, Zenith Tech, Inc.


The Trevor sale comes down to the wire.
Travor Hotel Lake geneva
Secret buyers have offered a grand sum for the place (finally!), and the owners are considering that offer. The details of that offer are more secret than the contents of the contentious secret meeting (not so, as the GSR has illegal listening equipment in there), held by the city council on Monday night. The “cone of silence” was lowered over that one and a half hour meeting. The secrecy confirmation, and legitimacy, was spoken about by Maxwell Smart (otherwise known as Dan ‘the Don’ Draper) prior to the lowering of the equipment over the participant’s heads. The participants did check the door every once and awhile, afraid that the GSR X-Files investigators might find out something about secret recipes for chili, or a new blanket pattern that they were discussing.


The Lake Geneva City Council Secret Meeting held for a record one hour and thirty-seven minutes on Gumby-Prema Toy CompanyMonday night.
What were these hot-headed (some say thick instead of hot) council members meeting about? They didn’t say. Not yet at least. It is rumored that they were considering filing suit against the Geneva Shore Report ($200,000 was mentioned as a figure by Hedlund, in passing) for the paper’s repeated reference to Mayor Jim Conner as Gumby. The GSR will prepare itself legally, in case the rumors are true, to totally defend the fact that the mayor really is Gumby, and that the trademark (currently owned by Prema Toy Company) might extend to cover Mr. Connors as that entity. Clarence Darrow died so Peter Wilson will be defending the GSR, if hopefully (oh please God!) the rumors are true.

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