Lake Geneva Public Works Scam.
No, this is not about the 37% increase in fees the department of public works is asking for, although it might be argued that such an increase might also legitimately be called a scam. No, this is about a telephone con being perpetrated on local residents by some clever Internet/telephone hackers. Calls are being made to citizens telling them that they owe hundreds of dollars in back payments, and that if they don’t pay the money immediately their power and water will be cut off. The scammers try to convince residents go to Wal-Mart and send them instant cash. Don’t ever do that, don’t send cash using Wal-Mart or Western Union, unless your grandmother is stuck at the airport in Nigeria having lost her passport and purse.

Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss, Town of Linn

The Gruno couple who donated the park in Town of Linn is getting a tree, thanks to the masterful work of Jim Weiss, board chairman. How did that work out at the last Town of Linn meeting on Monday? The votes were not there for the town to purchase a two thousand Dollar Tree and plaque, to thank the Gruno family for its million dollar grant for the park. So Jim brought in the heavy artillery. He had Mrs. Gruno talk about what the tree would mean to her. That was it. The vote was unanimous. The tree is now going to grow. What a wonderful thing, and what a masterful player, and man, Jim Weiss is. Why is this man not running for president as a republican? Not one of the current candidates can hold a candle to his intellect, character and applied care and diligence.

Alderman Kordus Lake Geneva WI

Alderman Kordus, Lake Geneva WI


Lake Geneva City Council Updates

Robert “Scrooge” Kordus just couldn’t help but pick on the people he believes are “takers,” and Monday night’s council meeting was a classic example. Scrooge Kordus got all huffy over a stop sign requested by the people in the 1st district’s Manor Subdivision. They requested the sign because people are racing thru the Manor’s streets like it was a Grand Prix race track. Kordus said: “you can’t give a stop sign to those people, because then other people will be asking for stop signs, or speed bumps, and other stuff too.” Besides, he said, “It’s the people who live in the Manor who do all the speeding.” Chris Gelting is the Alderman for the district and he asked Kordus why he voted for the stop sign at the utility commission meeting, but was now against it. Kordus didn’t reply, but Alderman Hedlund whispered: “it’s because he’s running for Mayor.” Is Scrooge running for mayor? The Geneva Shore Report certainly hopes so, because Sarah Hill (currently the only declared candidate for mayor) needs somebody to grind into tomato paste, and Scrooge Kordus is a great vertical moving column of that.

The city council was unwilling to help the city’s overworked Sabrina Waso, Lake Geneva’s City Clerk, by voting to oppose an upgrade to the city’s website that the clerk has to utilize constantly during the work day. The Clerk said she needed it to make her job more tolerable, and it was in the budget. But the council said, without using the words, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The irony of Monday night’s council meeting was that the Lake Geneva City Council created three part time positions, while eliminating one full time Front Desk position. There will now be a part time “benefits clerk,” who will (we are not making this up!) get no benefits, and two part-time front desk clerks who also will get no benefits. The problem with this new lousy methodology? When a job is part time, there are no benefits, and the pay is just minimum wage. Any good people who do get hired, have to be trained by the city clerk. But they wisely leave as soon as they can take their new training, add it to their resume, and find a real job, with real benefits, in a real town, instead of the Town Without Pity.

The decision regarding changes to the Lake Geneva Utility Commission being brought back under City control, was pushed off until next year. The implication being that any ‘real’ changes will be happening behind the scenes. Dan Winkler did make an appearance Monday night, after a very long absence, but didn’t look happy sitting next to the city’s new hero, Utah Blaine. Dan was asked about the contract for street repairs. He said he was being severely hampered in his planning because Utah and Walworth County won’t allow him to use TIF money any longer. The fact that TIF funds were never intended to be used for street repairs, has been, and remains completely lost on Winkler.


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