Little Gems

The abrupt lowering of the Geneva Lake water level.
Geneva Lake is down almost a foot and a half from where it was six weeks ago. The White River, originating at the bottom of the lake’s flood gates at the very foot of Lake Geneva, is bone dry. The gates are closed in an attempt to hold the reduced water level as static as possible. Boaters have begun to complain that boats at their docks are now resting upon rocks and sand instead of floating freely. The spillway, always overflowing with water is now dry. What’s going on? No rain. No moisture at all with fall weather that is warmer and windier than the summer delivered. Record high temperatures for Southern Wisconsin have brought near drought conditions to the Lake Geneva areas, and there is no rain in the near future forecast.

White River Lake Geneva

White River, Lake Geneva, April 2016


The Marathon gas station located on Broad Street, across from Amy’s Shipping Emporium, has been sold.
Mike Seick, the owner of Mike’s Auto on Broad Street has taken over. He’s not sure if he will replace the old gas pumps which are a bit of an impediment for customers used to putting credit or debit cards in and pumping their own gas. Going inside to pay for gas, and waiting in line behind people buying snacks or condiments can seem such a bother, and so retro. Quite possibly the place will be spiffed up to modern standards soon, however, as Mike is no stranger to the business, already owning his place on Broad for 16 years, as well as his place in Elkhorn.

Marathon Gas Station

The Marathon gas station in Lake Geneva. Mike Seick, owner of Mike’s Auto Repair in Delavan and Lake Geneva, purchased the station and will be operating it. Everyone will be standing by to see if the rather tattered place can be quickly upgraded and brought into the new century.

The gasoline stations and wholesalers are at it again.

The price between “regular” and “premium” is now a buck. It started out being about twenty cents a few years ago, and then they figured it out. People who thought they needed premium would pay because they thought they had no choice. And they don’t. So up the price goes while the gas station’s blame the wholesalers, and the wholesaler’s blame the stations. In other words, the usual. Not that premium is needed by those people buying it. There are not three grades of gasoline anymore. There’s only one. Premium. It’s all the same because it is cheaper for the stations and the wholesalers to deliver one grade than three, but the customer is not being cheated because everyone is getting premium, anyway. It’s just that the customers are so brainwashed by the gasoline mythology that they won’t believe it. Any more than they will believe there are no brands anymore. BP, Mobil and the rest of them get their fuel from the same wholesalers, whom the customers have never heard of.

White River Park

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