The Bright Side

The Melges offices will open in two weeks.
Mr. Melges (Hans) was out watering his flowers in front of the place at 5:30 in the morning. When asked, he indicated, that he would be opening the place he rebuilt at that time. The wonderful ‘Sign of the Unicorn’ store used to be in that space. Why a combination real estate and car wash office would need garage door windows is beyond almost anyone’s capability to understand, but Melges is known as a pretty shrewd businessman, so maybe the reason will be made clear as time goes by.

There’s a brewery in Lake Geneva. 
Yes, one of those little custom places offering high quality, but more expensive, brew than can usually be found in regular taverns. Geneva Lake Brewery is at 750 Veterans Parkway. They serve Cedar Point Amber, No Wake IPA and Weekender Wheat. It’s all great stuff. By the way, this home brew will not be served on Broad Street at the brand-new beer tent that’s going to be open for the first time during the days of Oktoberfest. That beer is going to be brought in from Glendale, Illinois. The reason for that is unknown. Hundreds of gallons of beer were served at the Taste of Lake Geneva a few weeks ago, and the idea of having booze at local public celebrations caught on. Booze is now allowed at BigFoot Park and Beach too. How this all works out will be interesting to see, especially from a law enforcement point of view.

Starbuck’s opened its new coffee shop this week.
The only Starbuck’s drive thru for miles, and also a decent-sized sit-down coffee shop, is now open. It’s the one set into the niche corner at the outer edge of the Wal-Mart discount store. The location at the difficult to get to inner corner of Highway 50 and 120 isn’t easy to reach. Will the public catch on and make this place a success? No Starbuck’s in memory has failed, so it is likely that the place will take off.

Starbucks Lake Geneva

Starbucks Lake Geneva

The full blown, not just drive-through, Starbucks is here in the Wal-Mart parking lot and ready for business. Unlikely location but Starbucks has amazed everyone over the years with their ability to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.

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