Small business is rising up from the ashes of the pandemic.
Zaab opened last week on Broad Street (at the intersection with Dodge).  That place is wonderful, with the same management team that has made Sabai Sabai such a successful place on Geneva Street. That place expanded mightily as the virus began to slowly lose its clutches.

New CBD stores have risen up, as well, two on Broad Street alone.

The Fancy Fair mall that was once on Main Street has been redone and new stores abound inside its cavernous structure.  The Market of Lake Geneva is going to be a grand success if the current business is to be any judge.  Kwik Trip is coming to Wells Street and that will be a high revenue improvement to that neighborhood that couldn’t recover on its own following the closure of the Dairy Queen.  The entire small area had deteriorated to the point where money was being considered from the city’s budget to cover a redevelopment because of downtown blight.

As Labor Day approaches, the outlook for businesses to continue to develop and build through the coming long winter looks better than ever.   Kilwins closed and then re-opened to great business and success.  Potbelly will be reopening soon on Main Street and Cook.  Most fast-food operations are open for inside guests again.

This is not to say that the virus has passed the county by.  Only half of Walworth County has had the two shots, which is a shame but speaks more to the hard right-wing politics of the region rather than to the science.  Quite possibly it’s going to take state-wide mandates in order to kill this Covid monster.   If that is what it takes then most citizens, and all visitors, should support the effort one hundred percent.

Place of the Week

Mars Restaurant Lake Como

Mars Resort—Great restaurant on Lake Como now offers free boat rides after you dine.


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