Mike Rasmussen.
What can be said about this outstanding example of a police chief guiding his force through the troubled waters of today’s social environment?  Outstanding is the Marine Corp’s highest compliment, and Mike has been that. He was a Marine before he was Lake Geneva’s Chief.  Outstanding is the fitting word.  What’s going on with Mike and his personal life?  He’s retiring on the 1st of September in 2022.

We get one more year of his studied, intelligent, and wise guidance.  Will the city choose to stay ‘in house’ in choosing his successor or will it go outside of the fine Lake Genev Police force?  Will the most able police lieutenant (think Gritzner) get the nod or even a shot at the job?  It is certainly hoped so, as he’s been more carefully trained and has executed better than Rodgers under Le Fleur.

All the police departments around Geneva Lake have improved mightily over the past five to six years and all are currently run by leaders of the same ‘cut’ as Mike Rasmussen.   As a newspaper covering the activities around Geneva Lake, it is has been a great pleasure to see these kinds of changes in enforcement even while the nation ‘outside’ has so struggled with how to handle the ever-changing and challenging obstacles that have risen up.  Geneva Lake police departments, one and all, rock.  Hopefully, Mike Rasmussen’s last great gift to the city will be his ability to guide the leadership of the city in the right direction when it comes to choosing his successor.


Driving around the town, the lake, or even back and forth to other spots not so close by, what do you listen to on the radio?  Not the local station, as the choices the jockeys make there is almost always stuff that can only be described as ‘kind of awful.’  91.3 and 96.9, lousy too, for the most part…and totally filled with ads, like 95.7.  You are, and quite thankfully, left with 87.7 MeTv out of Chicago.

You can only get that station if your car has a great antenna built into it.  The easy-going old stuff, like out of the fifties, sixties, seventies, and some in the eighties and nineties comes through on that station all the time.  Mostly great stuff and not many ads either.   There are country stations abounding throughout the state, a state that somehow got the idea that it was at one time (or even now) filled with cowboys.  It wasn’t.  Not even close but listen away if you are so inclined. 105.1 is the best country station around the area for that.

It’s Fair Time

Walworth County Fair 2021

Walworth County State Fair expecting standing room only. Or these free lawn chairs. All in good fun. One of the best County Fairs out there…make sure you visit. It’s worth it.

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