Little Gems

Showboat sank.
Down it went. Dissolved down into a sea of uncertainty, ill- kempt deck condition, with a financial anchor around its neck. It went to the bottom. Whether some wealthy entrepreneur is going to come along and bring this much needed and appreciated theater back to the surface, and out into the light of day, is unknown. They’d allegedly stopped paying their bills months ago. Employees were given one day’s notice and then told the theater would not be reopening.

From one job to another


Delavan be damned.
The businesses have begun to fall like bowling pins struck by a well thrown ball along the main road running into downtown Delavan. Geneva Street (Hwy 50) was ripped apart at the beginning of the summer and remains a dusty representation of apocalyptic hell, usable for any modern zombie movie set work. Delavan Lake T.V. and Appliance is gone. That place was always great if you needed a new washer or dryer, or even one used, but in good shape. Gone. Dealz of Delavan just sits there unopen. Both Dealz stores were on what was once the main drag.   Orange Tree Café is gone. Swift Print wisely moved to Sugar Creek Road. Is this how it is supposed to be? Not only were huge amounts of money appropriated from taxpayers, but gobs of silent value was sucked out of the business community. How can this be stopped?

Flat Tire Event

Flat Tire Event Lake Geneva

The Fat Tire Event was held in Lake Geneva and run around the lake on Saturday. It was a wonder of well coordinated and well mannered riders of all ages and kinds. What a great even to have here and more like it would certainly be welcomed.


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