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That church up on Catholic Hill. The one with the word “sales” in it. That church just published its financial revenue and expense report for last year. The church took in just over three million dollars. The entire municipality of Lake Geneva only had eight million in revenue. One wonders what the total revenue of all of Lake Geneva church’s might be if those others were so circumspect and honest as to publish their financials? That church up on that hill didn’t get its revenue from paid parking, building fees or taxes. It received it because it has attending members who care enough to contribute to their religion, and the men and women who make it all work. One wonders what the revenue stream of the City of Lake Geneva would be if the leadership stopped taxing and charging fees, and instead merely asked everyone to contribute what they thought they could. The Catholics have something going for them when it comes to the “sales” of their way of going through life.


Breadloaf Books

Breadloaf Book Shop 727 Geneva St, Lake Geneva

The Geneva Village Shops. That former church, located on the northeast corner of Geneva Street and Broad in Lake Geneva, and converted to support small business interests, has been in financial and structural trouble for quite some time. Formerly a Baptist church that obviously didn’t do well, the place has gone through a number of owners, and foreclosures, over the years. Once again, out of the hands of bankers and back into the more caring arms of a private owner, the church is trying to remake itself and come back. Breadloaf Books has endured through those difficult years, along with the Lake Geneva School of Cooking. It looks like, if fortune continues to smile, that the church will finally break out into the full warmth of financial success. God willing, and the creek don’t rise.



Holy Communion Episcopal Church Lake Geneva

Holy Communion Episcopal Church, Lake Geneva

God likes Episcopalians. That’s right, across the street from the failed Baptist Church on Broad Street is the fiscally successful Episcopalian Church. They are spending money as if their collection box is always filled to the brim. Soon, if they don’t manage things better, they will surpass the millions the Catholic’s take in on a regular basis. They’ve put in handicapped accessible everything. Bathrooms and elevators now are in line with the most current of construction codes. Even the magnificent historic organ is being restored to its original condition. The Episcopalians are getting ready to pray and sing at the top of their voices, and it is a good thing to be a part of.

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