LittleĀ Gems

Beaver spotted. Stalking the White River? Not that kind of stalking. Using cornstalks to build. These eager beavers seemed quite busy building their dam of corn. One of our in-vestigative reporters was out for a paddle recently on the beautiful White River, at a location between Grand Geneva and Lyons, when an eye popping trio was spotted constructing , or better termed “cornstructing” a seemingly sturdy dam. These hearty rodents appeared extremely content and quite focused at the task at hand. Just goes to show you, the White River works its magic on all who venture upon it. Kayaking the White is a bucket list must.

There’s a new sandwich shop in the downtown of Walworth.

Over the past ten years the city’s development around the square has been anything but pleasing, with most of the busi-nesses previously located there closing up and quitting, or simply going elsewhere. It’s good to drive to Walworth now, and see this new store front opened just next door to the re-built Sammy’s Restaurant. The owners are the Kasnick twin brothers, and they are a delightful pair. They are there every day to make people laugh, and serve great cheap subs to one and all. It’s a lot of fun to visit their place, and for six bucks you can have a huge sub on fresh bakery bread made to your specifications. That includes a drink, by the way.

Mr. “Delavan” Dahl is a long-retired gentleman, who decided one day that the accumulated sticks and stumps around his highway fronting property deserved better treatment than going into a dumpster. He began whittling away, and then painting, the former scrap wood. His creations now sit in his front yard for the appreciation of passing motorists. And he welcomes those who choose to stop and spend a few minutes chatting with this fascinating old charac-ter, as he sits in his director’s chair. (Actually, it’s an old discarded beach chair, but it looks like a director’s chair when Mr. Dahl sits in it!).

Mr Dhal and his snake

Mr. Dahl sits by the side of the road with one of his brilliantly artful and simple creations. An
old throwaway tree branch becomes a really interesting looking snake. What a neat guy and
what a neat snake too! By the side of the road when you drive on Highway 50 thru Delavan.

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