The Geneva Shore Report was wrong…again.
In the last issue of the GSR under “Our Place” it was stated that Trossen sold out.” But what should have been written was that Trossen got sold out!

John Trossen owns “The Pier Bait Shop”, a small convenience store and bait shop on Linn Pier Road in the Town of Linn.

Th Pier Bait and Tackle Shop

Young Mr. Hahn with a nice smallmouth bass.

When John Trossen attempted to expand his business in 2011, he was met by the most aggressive opposition campaign in the history of the Geneva Lake Conservancy; led by the Conservancy’s Chairman and Grand Wizard himself, Charles Colman. Colman wrote position papers, sent Letters to the Editor of the Lake Geneva Regional News, and used his considerable influence to encourage other community groups to fight Tross-en’s commercial expansion. Many re-sponded to Colman’s call to arms and echo the Conservancy’s rallying cry: “Save Geneva Lake”. The Conservancy boasts a passionate mission to preserve the environmental character of Geneva Lake, curb reckless development, and protect fragile shorelines. Mr. Colman announced that the Trossen Plan would trash the Linn Comprehensive Plan, and abuse the lake for his own personal gain by building a structure so detrimental to the lake it would put lives at risk.

John Trossen was tried, convicted, and sen-tenced by what most people thought was the ultimate judge of lake protection, the Geneva Lake Conservancy. Once de-nounced and stigmatized by Charles L. Colman ‘s Conservancy, Trossen was summarily sold out by a compliant Linn community. The Linn Planning Commission and Town Board not only turned down his 2011 expansion plan, they turned down scaled down plans two more times in 2012. Former Linn customers avoided him and his store. But the worst blow came when a year later a local pier company was permitted to do the same type of business expansion John had proposed. Adding to Trossen’s resentment, the Conservancy said nothing.
Mr. Colman fades back into his lakeside home to cogitate, when along comes an-other faux conservationist; Dennis Jordan.

Now “Ducks Unlimited” Colman was always faithful to the Linn Comprehensive Plan. His “Darkness Jordan”, on the other hand, completely ignores the plan and its intention to keep the lakeshore residential. Colman wanted to control business expansion off the lake, as well as on the lake. While Jordan ad-vocates for the Geneva Inn to expand businesses right on the lakeshore, and has no qualms about them potentially tearing down four perfectly good resi-dential lakeshore homes, one valued at close to a million dollars. It comes as no surprise that Dennis Jordan is stirring up controversy by promoting commercial sprawl to replace residential property.

Jordan is the person most responsible for all the Hummel turmoil in the City of Lake Geneva for the past eleven years. This “conserver of the scorched earth” character assisted the Hummel annexation, negotiated and promoted the Mirbeau/Hummel Development, and thereby laid the ground work for all the unending Hummel law suits costing the City of Lake Geneva many millions of dollars. Has Darkness Dennis Jordan and his ‘kind’ hijacked the Conservancy to transform it into a Greenwashing Agency, using precious historical lakeshore for commercial gain? And does his appointment represent the face of this new Geneva Lake Conservancy?

Greenwashing is the subtle takeover of a well-respected and trusted environmental organization; to create a pay to play strategy with big developers/commercial businesses.
Green-washers solicit large tax deductible contributions from companies and wealthy landowners, in exchange for the green group’s endorsement, and its PR influence over public policy. Thus any company willing to make the right contribution can be “greened over” with a shield of protection by the environmental group, and therefore be free to claim whatever environmental benefits it wants or needs-sometimes referred to as eco-protection.

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