Little Gems

Autumn is fast approaching.
That means all the great fall events and activities are set to begin. Lake Geneva’s annual Oktoberfest will be on Saturday and Sunday, the 12th and 13th of October. The event will include the Oktoberfest beer tent, great food, fun activities, live music, craft fair, and so much more. Broad Street will be closed to traffic in order to house a lot of great attractions. The entire downtown will have fall fun going on.


Fall Stuff Coming:
Trick or Treating for 2019 in Lake Geneva has been decided upon. City officials have had the trick or treat debate almost every year. Most municipalities have reverted to trick or treating on Halloween (October 31st) in the evening hours. Lake Geneva, however, is not following that trend and some city officials are not happy about it and would like it to be more traditional. Lake Geneva will continue to endorse trick or treating on the weekend before Halloween, during the day, for the safety of the children and convenience of local residents and businesses.

Recently, this issue has been discussed at city meetings and was finally officially voted on at the last city council meeting. Six of the city council members voted to keep trick or treating on Sunday, and two voted to have it changed to Halloween night. Trick or treating will remain on the Sunday before Halloween, October 27th, from noon until four. There will be no night trick or treating allowed at all on Halloween, which might end up inspiring for some pretty interesting tricks all by itself.


The Bridal Showcase:
Stephanie Copsey, with Lake Geneva Tourism, is the events coordinator promoting the Riviera. The future improvements and changes to the Riviera complex that are sure to have a huge impact on the annual Lake Geneva Bridal Showcase. The bridal showcase will take place on the Gage boats, the Riviera piers, and surrounding grounds on Sunday, September 29th. Lake Geneva is a very popular wedding destination and is sure to be even more sought after with Copsey on the job.



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