The Walworth County Fair.
It all started on Wednesday of last week and is now over.  The first two days were a great success, particularly in the evenings, when school was no longer an issue.  The rain came in on Friday but then was gone after laying down enough water to lessen the dust and other airborne dirt that might have been in the air.

The rest of the fair’s time was simply summer delightful.  There’s probably never been a better run of weather for the three events of Summerfest, Venetian Days, and the Walworth County Fair.  The turkey legs were expensive ($15.00 oh please! Up from 2019’s of $12.00)) but the fair only comes once a year.  There was no violence and no accidents with the rides or any other event. The monster trucks drew a full stadium and the tractor pulls had attendance of only slightly less.  The people who run the Walworth County Fair are also among the nicest and most effective to be found anywhere.  The drivers of the golf carts were particularly friendly and wonderful.  All volunteers from different charities around the county from the Methodist Church crowd to the people who came over from working at hospice.


The Darien Cornfest is back Friday, September 10th, through Sunday, the 12th.
The event celebrates sixty years of providing free corn for the local community every summer. Friday night starts the festivities with a softball tournament, carnival rides, live music, and fireworks. Saturday and Sunday the fun continues with a craft fair, volleyball tournament, corn hole tournament, bingo, tractor pulls, parade, raffles, bike ride, and much more. Sunday afternoon three hundred fifty raffle tickets will be sold giving buyers a chance at winning ten thousand dollars. There will also be plenty of food and drink vendors, so nobody is likely to go home hungry. Darien not only is composed of a homogeneous population of neat Southern Wisconsin people it also seems to attract only the best people from the surrounding area to attend this special event.


Get ready for Lake Geneva’s first-ever Taco Fest sponsored by Lake Geneva House of Music and the Lake Geneva Regional News.
The festivities are being hosted by The Lake Geneva House of Music located on Highway H, just across the town line between Lake Geneva and the Town of Geneva.  The action will take place on the Town of Geneva property. The event starts Friday, September 10th, and goes through Sunday, the 12th. Tickets are $10-$20. Attendees can enjoy a wide variety of tacos and Mexican dishes and they can vote on their favorite in both categories. This event will also feature a variety of live music and performances from authentic Mexican and Hispanic performers including a Mariachi band. There will also be a mechanical bull, dance performances, and much more.

The tourism committee doled out $10,000, paid to the Lake Geneva Regional News for marketing the Taco Fest event, probably hoping that it’ll draw people to Lake Geneva and put ‘heads in beds,’ thereby benefiting the local hotels. Hopefully, tacos and other Mexican food presented in such a manner is a big enough draw to keep people in town for an entire weekend (or at least $10,00 worth). This is the second food-inspired event sponsored by the Lake Geneva Regional News following Bacon Fest being held back in the Spring. The hope is to complement the other local events and fill in empty weekends to draw people to Lake Geneva, even if it puts the Regional News editorial objectivity in jeopardy.  It’s probably well worth the money for the city to purchase some goodwill with this very aged and popular newspaper.

Incidentally, the Geneva Shore Report has received, is receiving, and will receive in the future…not one thin dime from the City of Lake Geneva or any of its affiliated commissions, committees, or other official or unofficial attached organizations.

Taco Fest

2021 Lake Geneva Taco Fest


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