Little Gems

Copper is said by some to have healing abilities, and the power to stimulate energy flow and enhance psychic abilities.
It has been used for healing and medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and most recently the question of whether it can help against COVID-19 has been asked. Because of this question (there is absolutely no scientific support for this belief) copper has become a very sought after commodity. The Rock Shop at 231Cook Street, Lake Geneva opened recently and has a huge assortment of rocks, minerals, crystals, and metals, including copper. Mickey Roland made the decision to open a second location in Lake Geneva, as her rock shop in Bristol, Illinois at the Renaissance Fair was forced to close until the Fair can reopen safely as a result of the virus. Rock shops have become very popular, as many people are looking for alternative methods of combating the coronavirus in any way they can. To what extent copper can really help against the virus is still totally in question, but the use of it does not seem to have any negatives attached to it.


Labor Day marks the end of a season.
The weather is turning, and the lake activity is lessening. The Riviera Beach and Lake Geneva Boat Launch are unstaffed, starting the day after Labor Day, but will remain open and free to the public for as long as the good weather lasts. Without the great summer beach staff, it is swim and launch at your own risk, however. The end of the summer season is bittersweet, as many people will miss the fun in the sun activities, but will also look forward to the beautiful fall colors and upcoming holidays. That is the overwhelming consensus of the lake staff and the harbormaster. Lake Geneva Harbor Master Linda Frame, described the 2020 season as a complete success, even with the many daily challenges the virus brought. Linda is a ‘lake girl’ at heart (as she describes herself) and her staff shares the same passion for the lake. Even with the late start due to the statewide shut down the beach and launch were able to meet and exceed their projected budget goals. The harbormaster gives almost all of the credit to her diligent loyal staff and can’t wait to see what the summer of 2021 brings.


It’s time again for the Geneva Lake Museum’s “Swift Nights Out” through September 12th.
Everyone is welcome to go to the museum in the evening from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. to witness thousands of Chimney Swifts (as in; birds) gather and swoop down the chimney as they prepare for migration. The museum staff is encouraging social distancing, lawn chairs, cameras, and binoculars. There will be no formal program this year, but everyone is welcome to gather and watch on their own. You can find more information about the Swifts at The birds, incidentally, nest inside the chimney, once they fly in.

The Business of the Week

Rockgarden Rock Shop Lake Geneva

The Rock Shop is an intriguing new store on Cook Street with every type of rock imaginable. Make sure to chat with the owner as you will learn something new and interesting.


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