The Bright Side

Being a member of Lake Geneva’s Plan Commission is not a light undertaking.
The plan commission is responsible for making well thought out intelligent recommendations regarding the development of the city in great detail. The reports and recommendations go to the city, city government, and citizens who expect the plan commission members to know what they need to know to make decisions. The City of Lake Geneva recently adopted a new comprehensive plan, and the commission members had the daunting task of educating themselves through the process. Mayor Klein has requested that a planning commission training program be implemented to ensure the commission members feel confident in their knowledge and will therefore be able to make responsible recommendations. The training program looked into, is provided by the same firm the city planner is affiliated with; Vandewalle and Associates. The training program does offer some free training and the remaining training will cost $7,350.00. The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Committee was not opposed to the training idea but would like to wait on the purchase of the program, and possibly add it in the budget as the budget season is nearing quickly.  Comparable programs and rates are being requested before a final vote will be made.


The Business Improvement District (BID) has a new president.
Spyro Condos was nominated and won unanimously. He came to his first meeting with lots of great ideas, including bringing Oktoberfest back this year which also was voted on and won unanimously.  The celebration, this year, will have the heart of its identity in Flat Iron Park, where there will be amplified music, food, a pumpkin giveaway and, this will be a hit, downtown stores will be able to have outside displays and tables, as they did on Maxwell Street Days earlier.

Also, discussed at the BID meeting was an update from VISIT Lake Geneva. They announced that the Impact Awards are still being done this year and nominations can be made on their website, but winners and their speeches will be viewed virtually instead of the traditional dinner and ceremony. The Christmas Parade is still going to be held but will also look a little different this year. More details will be announced soon. Winterfest is also being planned and held as usual. Right now, VISIT is focusing on promoting retail and shopping locally in hopes of helping retailers make up for lost income during the statewide shutdown. They are also promoting the beautiful fall colors the area has to offer and will have a fall color report on their website so locals and visitors can track when they peak and the best spots to get the best views.

Lastly, VISIT is working on its 2021 Visitor’s Guide that will have a two-page layout featuring the retail and dining offered in the downtown area. Also, on the BID agenda was a discussion about the banner poles in the downtown area. The BID has received a grant from the Tourism Commission for $8500 to purchase new banners to advertise the downtown area. They are wanting to purchase banners for the local events and also a generic BID banner for when there are no events.   The BID will be submitting it’s completed and voted upon budget to the city in a few days. That budge is for $230,000 for 2021.

Persons of the Week

Going Banansa Ric=viera Pier Complex Lake Geneva

Josh and Kevin in action on the opening day of Going Bananas at the Riviera Pier Complex. These two entrepreneurs are a great couple of guys and their new business is a delightful addition to the Riviera.


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