Ed Hall move on. A lot of people know of Ed Hall but don’t know Ed Hall at all. For over forty years Ed has carried the mail, and delivered to just about every person living in the Lake Geneva area. Ed retired on Friday of last week and, typical of Ed, decided that there would be no party celebrating his retirement. Most people don’t know that Ed Hall is one of those quiet, unsung heroes of the Vietnam war. Not that he is likely to admit to being anything close to that. His United States Marine Corps record reads wonderfully well when it comes to serving with patriotism and honor. Thank you Ed, for your service to our country, and to our community.


Winkler’s water works, and yes, there is some crying to be done.

To pay off the 1993 Lake Geneva Water and Sewer System Revenue Bonds the Water Department was collecting and paying $372,000 (principle and interest) every year until 2003 when the loan was finally paid off. However, the Water Department did not end the assessment collection for that bond from resident’s water bills (per a discussion with Dan Winkler in 2011). This means that since 2004 Winkler’s Water Works has been collecting an extra $372,000/yr, from residents, for the paid off 1993 Revenue Bond. Over the ten years since then the Water Dept. has collected and extra $3.7 million from Lake Geneva property owners. When Mr. Winkler says that the water rate has not been changed since 1993 he is technically correct, but in reading this you now know how, by not lowering the water rate when the loan was paid off, he got a huge increase in revenue without actually increasing the rate.

Public Works and Utility Czar Dan Winkler Lake Geneva

Public Works & Utility Czar Dan Winkler

That’s a fact Jack! The fact that the Mr. Winkler said that the Water Utility had an operating loss of $114,694 in 2014 is just the tip of his mismanagement, because the other half of Winkler’s Water Works, the Sewer Utility has been running astronomical losses. Since 2005 when Winkler took over the Sewer Utility and its $3 million surplus, the Sewer Utility has accumulated $2.9 million in operating losses. Winkler’s Water Works and Winkler’s Sewer Works together now run at a drastic loss. So when Winkler says that the Water Utility lost $114,694 last year, know that it is just the tip of the iceberg, because his combined Water/Sewer department has lost over a million dollars in the last two years, not just the $114,694 Water Utility portion that he indicated to the Lake Geneva Regional News.

The 2013 & 2014 Sewer losses were $900,775 and Water losses were $116,770 for a $1,017,545 total.
This information was taken directly from Page 25, of the 2014 City of Lake Geneva Audit.

 Why are losses like this, especially when combined with the $7,000,000 debt the City of Lake Geneva as a total entity accrued, allowed to continue without near revolutionary complaint?
They occur because nobody of consequence, not directly involved with the operational management of the city, has a clue about any of it. The mass media of today has little interest in publishing material that the public will not be dazzled by, and it’s hard to get dazzled by looking at numbered ledgers detailing rather depressive results. It is also not in the best interests of local governmental leadership to trot out such information.
If the public knew then the public might go to great lengths to get together and change the way things are being done. And that might include changing the who the people making the decisions are. However, there is a quiet anger building across America and some of it is making itself felt right around the wonderful waters of Lake Geneva. Wisconsinites pay their bills and don’t incur unnecessary debt.
Will the Wisconsinites living around Lake Geneva continue to tolerate such awful decision-making and lack of accountability?

A real Small Gem in Lake Geneva

Meggy Moos Lake geneva

Meggy Moo’s place. On the corner where Daryripple used to be in Walworth. Just west of the Sentury and just across the street from Walworth Bank. One helluva fine cheap burger and more.

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