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Lake Geneva Visitor Center (the old Chamber of Commerce).
On Friday of last week, the whole operation was packed up and shipped from the center at Flat Iron Park to the new (temporary) location at 875 Main Street, where Nine West used to be. Caribou Coffee Shop, followed by Peet’s, was in the now empty building next door. Inland Properties, the building owner, is letting Visit Lake Geneva use the space free of charge until the place finally rents out to some new retail operation. The old visitor center at Flat Iron Park is being totally revamped and redone and is scheduled to come back this spring with a nautical lake-driven ambiance. The new temporary location is going to have a replica of Lake Geneva on display that focuses on the Lake Shore Path, one of the most uncommon free-to-the-public features of any lake located in the state of Wisconsin.

Video Tour of New Visitor Center

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Eric Nitschke is toast.

Eric Nitschke

Eric Nitschke

The formerly argumentative, formerly problematic and formerly employed director of central services for Walworth County, was fired this week. He was always at the county department of public works and the highway department complaining about how the workers had way too many benefits and services for the county to operate efficiently. For example; he was attempting to make sure all county trucks that were stopped by the side of the road, while the workers were out of them, be turned off. That rule change would have meant that the trucks would no longer be a haven against sub-zero temperatures for the workers and also that the caution lights on the truck would be turned off, putting the workers and nearby motorists at risk. It is currently unknown at this time who will replace Mr. Nitschke either in fulfilling his official functions or as the county’s main deterrent against

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