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Penetrating the security at the Yerkes Observatory.
There’s a game going on with the Yerkes property.  Nobody knows the name of the game or its rules.  It’s something between Monopoly and Dungeons and Dragons, or maybe a little bit of both.  It seems that the University of Chicago is not interested in selling the property, no matter what has been said.  The university has boarded up the place and gated the entire property, and now they’ve installed video surveillance to make sure nobody is “sneaking up on them.”  They’ve re-initiated some classes and tours of the facility, in order to seemingly pay lip service to the old agreement signed with Yerkes so many years ago. Yerkes, or his heirs, were supposed to get the building and telescope back if the university closed the facility. The university, in a moment of grade school application of intellect, if that, went around the lake publishing that the facility was being closed.  They advertised that fact to anyone who would listen.  They then got stuck with the letter signed by both the university so many years ago.  The family heirs sought the building and scope back under threat of legal action. The university responded by making believe they were re-opening the facility to meet the restriction put forth in the letter.  And that’s where things sit today.  Are the heirs satisfied, the university, the lawyers, the board or the community? Depends upon who you asked.  The GSR wants to look deeper.  Something’s going on at that place and whatever it is, is totally secret.  The GSR loves such secrets and is willing to pay a handsome reward for anyone who comes forward to and can penetrate this particular secret.


Writing of security…
What about Speedo of the Harbor Grill? Former mayor and owner of one of the most successful restaurants in Lake Geneva, he was appointed to finish a term of office on the Police and Fire Commission by Mayor Tom Hartz. Speedo finishes his term very soon. Will Tom appoint him to go on, given that Speedo has been such a big proponent of more security in the schools and the need for more police officers to monitor school security issues? Former mayor Jim Connor’s is chair of that important committee and former city administrator Dennis Jordan, is a member there too. Is this commission where hoary old politicians go to die when they finish real elected political office? Speedo is an opinionated, raucous, cuttingly intelligent and expressive personality on that otherwise staid and boring commission. Putting him in for another go would be a great idea if the mayor would go for it.

Fire “training”

Fire suppresion

Our local firefighters got some great hands-on training!



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