The Bright Side

The City of Lake Geneva’s Spring Election, held on April 2nd, 2019, was not an election, but a coronation of candidates.
An election is a process of choosing someone for a public office by voting. “Choosing” requires a choice, and none of the voters in the City of Lake Geneva had any choice in electing the city officials who were to represent them. All current alderpersons and city officials ran unopposed, and since no one even signed up to be a write-in candidate the candidates all ran unopposed and the City of Lake Geneva is a one-party town. The party is not the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party, but rather a group that is financially held together for mutual benefit made up of a combination of interrelated businesses and intertwined charities and a religious affiliation.

This is how it works. Roll with the punches and one becomes one of the players, don’t roll with them and the punches begin to land in denials and isolation. There are only a handful of reasons that candidates run unopposed.

First: In a few cases the candidate is the obvious and unanimous selection of those voting.
Second: If virtually all people are content with those in office, then few will bother to challenge or oppose them.
Third: If people don’t feel qualified to run, they don’t challenge incumbents.
Fourth: If opposition is seen as hopeless or residents become apathetic, then they don’t challenge an incumbent.
Fifth: If people are afraid to get involved and run for office, then they don’t run. Which one applies to you, or what is your excuse, if you are a resident and voter eligible?

There are about 1,000 eligible voters per district who could run for office, so there is little justification for all candidates running unopposed in this election. As far as being qualified, if you can be on a jury and determine the guilt or innocence and future life of a person how can you not be qualified to approve or deny city spending?

The real problem in the city is apathy, and that has enabled corruption to get a foothold, and like the Kudzu vine, it has slowly encompassed everything around it. In this area of 7,700 population, there are at least 4,000 eligible voters in the City of Lake Geneva, but only 1,211 (or 30%) bothered to vote. If you see a higher percentage it is of registered voters because many eligible to vote, have never voted. Of the 30% who voted only 901 (or 22% of those eligible to vote) voted for the unopposed alderpersons. Democracy, or a democratic republic, is only as good as those who run for office, those who vote, and the vigilance of those who vote. With less than one in three bothering to vote, and no one willing to challenge a single incumbent, the community is in serious trouble. Let the spring election of April 2nd, 2019 be a warning sign to all residents, that politically the City of Lake Geneva is a swamp and that alligators (mostly underwater) are the ones running the swamp, or at least swimming around underneath its surface

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