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Handling the Coronavirus.
Lake Geneva Fire and Police Departments provide an update on COVID-19. Both departments are handling the coronavirus very much the same. All first responders are getting a temperature and health check at the beginning of every shift and then again halfway through their shift. The mornings start with a briefing (city, county, and state level) on any new guidelines, restrictions, changes, and information regarding the situation. The police department has received many calls about overcrowding in the stores and parks. The result was the closing of the parks in the City of Lake Geneva. The big box stores are also taking this seriously and have started limiting the number of people allowed at a time in the store. The EMS department is taking extra precautions, suiting up in full PPE for every call they are dispatched to. The working men and women at the city’s fire and EMS building have also started to use a disinfectant fog twice a day inside the building.

Edgewater Park Friday, April 10

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