Little Gems

Piers are going in and boats are showing up around Geneva Lake.
What a beautiful sign of normalcy, warmth, and hope. At the current time, there are no restrictions on lake activities, and there may not be any as long as the COVID-19 situation subsides soon. If restrictions are not lifted but intensified, then what will this mean for boaters? Right now, only a few random fishing boats show up to head out onto the lake. What will happen as the weather gets warmer and warmer? Boating most likely will not be considered essential, and if a few boats are permitted how can they say no to others? It’s an all or nothing decision, just like walking through the parks. The governor of the State of Michigan has outlawed all boating that does not involve close family members, and then only two to a twenty-foot boat. Will that happen on Geneva Lake?  No one knows.

Virtual Walk Through White River Park

Spring hydrant flushing is starting in Lake Geneva.
This routine maintenance will be going on over the next few weeks. Do not be alarmed if your water looks dark during this process.  The sediment will clear up as the water is allowed to flow freely over time. If you have lingering issues then the utility department recommends running your faucet for a short time every few hours until the water runs clear.

Cartoon Of The Week

Cartoon of the week by Terry O'Neill

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