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You don’t have to be a nice guy to own or run a business in Lake Geneva.
As an example, consider Popeye’s, one of the state’s most successful restaurants. The business is owned by the manager Dimitri Anagnos’s mother. Dimitri went to court a while back for assaulting one of his younger employees over a mutual girlfriend. Or so they say. The GSR carried the story of the assault and the court case, as it wound its way through the Walworth Court system. When re-visited a few days ago, Dimitri demanded that a GSR reporter leave his premises because of what the GSR had written about him in the articles the paper ran. There was no discussion about what Dimitri himself had done to the employee. Popeyes continues to be as popular as ever, despite still seeming to feature a mean-spirited attitude. So, go on in if you are having a bad day and be joined by a management team that appears never to have anything but that.


Tristan Crist Magic Theater will be moving soon.
The new theater’s construction is scheduled to be completed this spring. They will be moving from their current location on Sage Street to the new location Edwards Boulevard as soon as the building is complete. The move is planned for June 2019.  The current location has served its purpose well allowing for an intimate interactive show and has provided the opportunity to establish a consistently full house at every show. The new theater will have a bigger lobby, a bigger stage, a bigger seating area, and bigger illusions!

Magic Theater

The Business of the Week

Bottle Shop Lake Geneva

The Bottle Shop on Main St. What a wonderful place to unwind any day of the week in this modern and friendly atmosphere. Let’s hope the weather starts to improve so everyone can enjoy the outdoor patio and Beth’s hospitality.

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