Living Here

Tom Hartz, the new mayor, begins to run true to predicted form. His appointments to the police and fire commission follow a predicted course. TheGood Old Boys Network Good Old Boys are back, or never left. They just dip down a bit lower and run a subterranean course through the community. Tom first appointed Skates to the commission and now Jim Connors, the former mayor. Mr. development meets Mr. more development. The ‘cronies of aged same old comfort’ are obviously what some voters wanted and that is what they are getting with the installation of the new mayor. Dennis Jordon runs the police and fire commission. Speedo was appointed as a sort of ‘take that’ shot by Alan Kupsik, the departed mayor who was abandoned by the good old boys. Speedo is going to have a real chore in working with that crew. How is Speedo going to handle their normal response to his every word and comment? How is he going to take “shut up, Speedo” when it is all he’s going to hear?


Gasoline prices shot up overnight. Regular bumped up twenty-five cents a gallon and, of course, they kept that huge spread they’ve quietly and crookedly built into the price of premium gas. They are not pumping full gallons when you drive into almost any station either, but nobody seems to care. It is amazing how controlled the public really is when it comes to the application of monopolistic policies that fleece them nearly to death but the companies that do it cannot be approached, damaged or even spoken to.

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