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Repurposing “The Riviera.
The Kickoff presentation from MSI General on the Riviera Building Improvement Project was given by MSI General’s Project Director Jennifer Gulick at the Piers, Harbor and Lakefront Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 18th. Also contributing to the presentation was Jim Olson, MSI General’s Vice President Director of Design. The presentation was a general 14 step outline of the project where the first 6 steps were the front-end planning and scheduling, and the last eight steps were the project design and construction.

The first step of “Initial data gathering and introduction meeting” had been completed earlier, and Wednesday’s meeting was step 2, otherwise known as the kickoff presentation, listing the project steps. The next step will include an MSI General visit and a laser scan of the Riviera on the 26th. During Jennifer’s comments, the word “repurposing” was used several times without any clarification as to what the “repurposing” would be, or what “repurposing” the city had supplied to MSI General during the initial Data gathering step. During the public comment section, Mary Jo Fesenmaier read several questions, including some regarding the “repurposing” issue; however, apparently to provide stealth for the “repurposing,” Chairman Skates preempted this issue by saying (confusedly) that “public comments are one way, so we do not want to get into a discussion with comments that come up in public comments.”

Mary Jo’s comments/questions were ignored by the committee members, the mayor, city administrator and MSI employees because no answers to those questions were given, nor was the “repurposing” of the Riviera explained. The silence on “repurposing” made it fairly obvious that MSI representatives, city officers, and committee members did not want the purpose or goal of the “repurposing” to be made public. Why is it being hidden from the public? Is it because they don’t want the public to know what the “repurposing” they have proposed is, and because they know that the residents will object to the “repurposing” of the Riviera? The silence was, and is, likely to allow decisions to be made in secret.

The Business of the Week

Green Grocer and Deli Williams Bay

The Green Grocer & Deli in Williams Bay is stocked full of local, organic, and hard to find products. If they don’t have it, they will do what they can to get it. This wonderful country store is what small town living is all about.



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