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Lake Geneva residents and business owners received a survey recently from AM Solutions.
AM Solutions is a printing and multi-channel communications provider out of Edgerton Wisconsin. The survey discusses some of Lake Geneva’s current administrative considerations at the city hall and the changes that some believe the current leaders are looking at that could have giant effects on Lake Geneva’s small-town feel and very existence. This “mystery” third-party survey, being conducted as an attempt to obtain feedback from the taxpayers regarding the future of Lake Geneva, went to every residents’ home over the last few days. The ten-year comprehensive plan update had a few items that were deeply objectionable to many citizens. The survey questions those items in particular.

The first question was: “do you or do you not want Wrigley Drive closed?”
The second was:Should the Hillmoor property stay zoned as rural holding with land use for private recreation or change the land use to accommodate aggressive dense development?
The third question was: “Do you want the Lake Geneva boat launch to stay where it is and make no changes to South Lakeshore Drive, or do you feel it should be moved to Buttons Bay and reroute South Lakeshore Drive further inland and risk contaminating the lake with the polluted lagoon?
The final question:Should Lake Geneva have a central large parking structure?

This survey seems to have pleased many residents, however, the person or persons behind the survey, the hiring of AM Solutions, and the financial provider for this project remains a mystery at this time. The residents of Lake Geneva have asked for mass surveys to be sent to all of Lake Geneva many times during the course of the recent comprehensive plan update but those requests were shot down every time. Someone cared enough about Lake Geneva’s future to do the job the city would not do for its citizens and voters, no matter how you might perceive the effort or the fact that some of the questions were a bit unfair to some of the city’s leadership committed to those projects.

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Chief Peterson Lake Geneva Fire Department

Chief Peterson graciously accepts an appreciation lunch from Potbelly’s.

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