The  Bright Side

Walworth County now has twenty Coronavirus cases, but no recorded deaths so far.
Anger is brewing with some residents over non-residents with summer homes in Lake Geneva and the obvious fact that they are coming to utilize them to get away from more urban properties further down south. The last two weekends in Lake Geneva have been fairly busy, and the amount of people in the essential stores and the amount of people walking Lake Geneva downtown and parks has many local full-time citizens alarmed. The restrictions on movement, increase almost daily. The amount of out of state license plates has increased shockingly with Illinois being the most common. The reason for the state orders to stay at home is there to slow the spread and flatten the curve of the Coronavirus, so life can get back to normal. There is no real definition of “home” in the orders, however, many people have more than one.

The GSR has received information in person (from a required distance) and on social media, that with so many families coming to live and shop through stores, and an abundance of groups walking or picnicking or just sitting around that keeping a six-foot distance is nearly impossible. Concerns and comments regarding Lake Geneva and being used as out-of-towner’s safe space have the potential to cause Walworth County to be a much higher risk breeding ground for the Coronavirus.  All residents, full time or seasonal, should follow all stay at home and physical distancing orders and recommendations regardless of the state of primary residence. The city must have received calls of concerns as well, Tuesday morning Library Park and Flat Iron Park were closed.  Being a good citizen and adhering to the orders is serious business particularly if you want to see your love ones survive along with yourself through this trying time.

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva


Changes to essential businesses are being required with every passing day to help slow the spread and flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. The large box stores that have stayed open to keep employee’s paychecks coming and supply the people with necessities and food are doing what they can to help ensure everyone’s health and safety. The stores are all disinfecting carts, surfaces, and card readers every hour. Many of the gas stations, pharmacies, post office, and some of the grocery stores have installed plastic shields or barriers between the employee and customer at the counters. Target, Home Depot, and Walmart, and most other big box stores have also started limiting the number of people allowed in a store to shop at one time. Walmart has also started monitoring the health of its employees, by checking temperatures of every worker at the start of all shifts and requiring personal protective equipment to be worn at all times (gloves and masks). It is important to treat the wonderful staff at each of these local stores with as much respect as possible.  To help them, please only go to the store and pharmacy when needed and utilize patience when searching for those hard to find items.  Store workers are doing their best to restock and make sure you have everything you need.  Remember to thank them for being there for us.

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