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Another new parking ordinance proposed. This one is about removing parking on a section of Grant Street between Tomike and Williams, and on Campbell Street from South Shore Drive to Wells street.   The attempt to pass it was sent back to the Small Ball Dan Draper to remove Grant Street from the ordinance and have the ordinance come back for a second first reading (don’t think about that too much or your head will fall off). What prompted the removal of Grant Street was local residents concern about making the road a thoroughfare for people instead of them using Hwy H (George Street). It is generally not a good idea to funnel passing traffic through pastoral residential streets, although in this case Mike Rasmussen, Lake Geneva’s most excellent police chief, was in favor of the change. Is Mike right or should the residents of the street be favored? It’s not always easy to be an alderperson.

A new comptroller for Lake Geneva. There was discussion about hiring a recruitment service to find a good person to serve in the vacated comptroller position. The city council, after a lengthy discussion, decided to hire SchenckSC for a value not to exceed $10,000 to assist in hiring a comptroller. SchenckSC did the city’s auditing for TIF, and TIF closing: they also do the city’s Audit and assist the comptroller in preparing the city’s books for their audit. Now the city has hired them to help find the city’s comptroller.
Do you see any possible conflict or bias in this?
Ten grand?
To make some calls?
Probably to relatives?
Oh Please! Does Lake Geneva not have someone cross trained to do that job as a backup for vacations, sudden illnesses or the person leaving? Nope. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that the City of Lake Geneva desperately needs a trained Human Resources Director.

The Lake Geneva City Council says no. At the end of the night the Lake Geneva City Council refused to approve the ‘over expenditure’ of Kapur & Associates Inc. previously discussed, because it did not apply and receive approval for a variance to cover the extra cost before it occurred. Under previous City Administrator Dennis Jordan and ex-Mayor Connors, it was common practice for over-expenditures like the Wrigley Street Bridge, or unauthorized expenses, to be paid without a variance and sometimes without city council approval. In the discussion, one firm mentioned out that they would override the cost, and the city would be obligated to pay it because it was based on time and materials. That firm was Humphreys Contracting.

Cartoon from Terry O’Neill

Comptroller Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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