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The reasons why Lake Geneva must have a responsible audit with professional experts standing behind it:

  1. For years Citizens have questioned the propriety of the utility department’s spending; donations; preferential selling of properties to its own members and friends; and storage of their personal property; such as, boats and vehicles on utility property
  2. The utility department has operated without a budget and no true public oversight. The Lake Geneva Utility Commission, under the direction of Dan Winkler, did what it wanted, and Mr. Jordan (former city manager), neither changed, stopped or corrected any of his behavior.
  3. When a levy was added onto Lake Geneva water bills, incrementally charged to water bills purportedly to pay off a loan (even though the loan had been paid off twenty years earlier), no supposed city ‘audit’ found anything wrong.   City officials would only mention that they were not responsible for the ‘audit.’
  4. Why is that statement “not audited in accordance with Governmental Auditing Standards” included in the utility department audit currently being submitted? Why was that wording not used last year, or the year before, when the same firm audited the city itself? Was the wording simply ignored? What changed?

Mr. David Maccoux, CPA of SchenckSC.
This guy did the audit according to the audit listing in the city’s agenda, but he isn’t named in the entirety of the audit document. Why not? Where’s the accountability and transparency in that? Nowhere in the 120 pages! On page sixty-nine of the audit it states that the “city” contracts with you (the auditing firm Schenck) to assist in preparation of the audit. Isn’t that like bringing in the building inspector to make sure that you pass his later inspection? Is this not a possible conflict of interest, or an ethical problem? Lake Geneva city auditors were listed in helping with the preparation for this financial audit. There is the suggestion of a significant integrity issue with that.

This practice should end.

If the city needs an auditing firm to assist them in preparing for the city’s audit, then it should be a firm that is not in any way affiliated with the firm that actually conducts the audit. On page sixty-nine, having the Schenck auditing firm file form C (which enables the city to continue to receive its portion of the State’s Transportation Fund), is a problem because Schenck knows that the city hasn’t complied with other necessary state requirements (like keeping those funds and charges against the transportation fund in separate segregated accounts in order to qualify to receive its portion of the state’s transportation fund). Finally, these are the last words written in this audit: “This information is intended solely for the use of the Common Council, management, and others within the City.”

The Geneva Shore Report includes itself as a member of the ‘others’ covered in this document, because the Geneva Shore Report staff is sure as hell going to use every word of this highly deficient audit in the coming weeks.

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