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The Railroad Bridge.
The historic railroad bridge has become a haven for undesirable activities. The wonderful piece of local history the bridge represents is located in a beautiful area nestled among parks, the museum, trees, and foliage, and runs over the scenic White River. The area once was considered perfect for a bit of relaxing and a short walk, however, this has changed due to the uneasy feeling it now produces for many. Illegal and inappropriate activities have been going on near the bridge causing many people to avoid the area. The use of drugs and alcohol has been reported, and makeshift campsites have been found repeatedly in the area.

The city has been concerned with these issues and has recently taken action. On August 4th a passerby reported a sexual assault taking place at the railroad bridge. The police quickly responded and the perpetrator is in custody and is being charged accordingly. The victim, a fifteen-year-old girl, is safe and at home. This incident reinforces the need to clean the area up in more ways than one. The police are now patrolling the area regularly and the city has started the removal of trees and undergrowth to make the area more visible and less conducive for inappropriate behavior to take place.

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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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