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The Riviera interior remodel does not seem to be offering much in the way of change.
The Riviera Ad Hoc committee met and discussed what they would like to see done with the first-floor concourse of the building. Most members, if not all, would like to see it stay as close to what it is right now as possible. The reasoning behind this is to keep it on the historic registry, as the committee feels this is the most important thing in the project. If that’s the case, then a lot of changes would need to be made, as the concourse and closed-in first floor was originally built open to the air, with no major walls, no doors, and no windows. The “Coney Island” feel of what is there now is what the committee members seem to be so nostalgic about, which is not historic. The remodel, whether a lot different or not, will cost millions.

Will it be worth it? Only time will tell. The vote on Monday night was to basically revamp but keep the interior as it has always been.


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