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Almost a month ago the GSR questioned where the city audit was.
It was in city hall all the time, but despite filing a public request over a week ago for a copy of the 2018 audit the city audit was still not available to the public, because the city council had not officially acknowledged receiving the audit. On Monday, August 26th, the city council approved Resolution R-62 that hereby acknowledges that the city council has received the city’s 2018 audit. In the meeting, there was an auditor from the auditing firm to present the audit and answer questions about it. What audit questions can one ask about an audit one is not permitted to see until after the time to ask questions is over?

There is only one!

“Why isn’t the audit made available to the public as a “preliminary audit” before the question and answer period? We can’t ask, question or talk to the city council at a city council meeting about the audit unless it is an agenda item, and the only time it is on the agenda is when they acknowledge that they have received it, which is before the public is permitted to see it. The council has no right to silence the public, but the city with its delayed public access to the city’s audit has succeeded in doing just that.

Poorly Attended Audit Meeting

Summer is officially over.
Next week is back to school time for most of the local area. Grades K-9 will be starting on Tuesday, September 3rd and grades 10-12 will start Wednesday the 4th, while 3K and 4K start throughout the week. It will be that time to again start watching and paying attention to school buses and children crossing the street. Kids will be busy with homework and after school activities. High School sports have already started and the rest of the schools will be following in the weeks ahead. If you haven’t started your back to school shopping, now’s the time because the days are becoming limited and supplies are running low. Have a good school year!

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Maxwell Street Days Lake Geneva

Mia is a young entrepreneur taking advantage of Maxwell Street to earn money for her college fund. She is a very hard worker and a sweet young lady.

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