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The Riviera cookie jar.
Since it has become common knowledge that the Gage family has been doing all its own repairs to the Riviera Pier Complex and charging just about as much in “repair” expenses as it pays in rent, the auditors in city hall have been examining the books about the repairs a little more closely. The city, on Monday night, reviewed one such charge and rejected it. The invoice requesting payment was marked not be paid. The amount of the charge for repairing whatever amounted to $29,000.00. Nobody could seem to figure out what the charge was for or how it had been somehow slipped into the stack. Sometimes the need for crusading newspapers and interested staff members sniffing about is not all bad for the community. Some pretty big fingers sticking into the cooking jar were turned away.

Fro Zone is finally open.
After fighting most of the summer to get on both the planning commission and city council agenda, and then approved, Fro Zone was finally able to open its doors. Missing its mark for Memorial Day weekend Fro Zone opened its doors this past Friday, just in time for Labor Day weekend. This opening makes Fro Zone the eighth ice-cream/frozen yogurt place, and the third rolled, creamy, cold treat shop, in Lake Geneva.  The origin and conception of the frozen rolled ice cream started in Thailand and has become very popular as it’s made its way into the Midwest.  The process begins by pouring a liquid cream onto an eight-degree ice-cold metal surface, and then chopping, flattening, and adding sweet treats.  Finally, using a spatula, the flavored cream is scraped and rolled into a cylindrical shape (similar to a large delicious Pirouette rolled wafer cookie) and placed vertically into a cup adding more great toppings. It’s as much fun to watch it being made as it is to eat it.

Fro Zone Open!

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