The Not So Happy Café.
We are writing about the Chinese Restaurant located on Wells Street in Lake Geneva.  Su Wings is for sale and the Happy Café has been sold out to an operation that will turn the place into a family bakery.  Such a bakery is a welcome addition here in Lake Geneva, where there are two bakeries (or three if you can count whatever products, they are Piggly Wiggly turns out), but no real ‘family’ bakery.  The meaning of ‘family’ when used in this article is a bit loose.  Quite possibly it means that the place will be of the highest quality when it goes into operation in the fall.  Why is the Happy place not so happy?  When interviewed, one of the owners said: “We’re tired of serving privileged people.  We want to do what we want, not what they want.”  The GSR reporter was taken aback by that reply and left to reflect upon whether she herself might be among the privileged.  The conversation ended there, however.  The Happy Café is going away, for whatever reasons, and the town can look forward to a new bakery.


The director of Covenant Harbor wrote a letter to the GSR.
The director was not happy.  Apparently, the source of the article last week about Covenant Harbor was not accurate and the writer who wrote the story, and her editor, were also remiss in checking out the basic facts.  Here’s the body of the letter:

“I am the director at Covenant Harbor and your story is 100% inaccurate. Covenant Harbor is not in Williams Bay, we have no interests in Williams Bay. We have not bought land since our original parcel purchase in the 1940s. We are not applying for a pier permit. No connection to Aurora University. We do not rent slips or buoys to the public. We are operating in basically the same way in the same location for the last 75 years. Please correct your story immediately. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. 262-248-3600.”

We don’t know who the director of the place is but she, or he, was kind enough to write the letter in a personal piece of correspondence instead of out in the public (like on Facebook).  We, however, when we screw up like this, like to apologize in public, assuming that the real director of the Covenant Harbor is the one who wrote the message…since there was no name indicating who wrote it.  It appears that the editorial could have gotten more things wrong with that story, but we can’t figure out how!

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