Living Here

Some suggestions, requiring public attention for what is almost here now for some, but coming for so many more (if not everyone):

  1. Fast food places, like McDonald’s and Burger King, need to begin packing more calories into their products and not less.  Poor people are going to need as much calorie bang for the buck as they can get.  In Africa and other poor places, Coke and Pepsi are sold in the millions of cans because of high calorie and sterile nature.   If you are hoarding then buy Coke and Pepsi, not bottled water.
  2. Bathrooms need to be opened up and kept clean for all citizens, not just customers, and not just during some parts of the year.  If this does not take place before the ‘rush’ of homeless coming then the streets will begin to run with urine and other products, like they do in places most people have never been, like Cairo, Caracas, Bangkok and so many more. Fluids and other matter also do not go into the sewer system, for the most part.  They go into storm drainage that drains into streams, rivers, and lakes untreated.
  3. In many countries, even across much of Mexico, food stores have barred windows and fortified entries.  As food resources begin to reach less of the population then that population will react to higher food prices as gouging (the gouging that is quietly going on right now in the U.S., even where you live) and that alone will give them the motivation to take products from these stores, which will empty them or drive them out of business.  Food stores and other sources for it must be protected before the worst might roll across America’s plains.

If you do not believe that any of this is going to happen or be required, or that your behavior will not change because of what has to be coming as so many in the nation begin to starve and are cast out of shelters as winter begins its inexorable charge to those unprotected, then you probably are the same kind of person who once thought most people, including you, would never be required to wear a mask almost everywhere.  You would not have believed that all restaurants would close, most to never re-open.  You would not have believed that mandatory quarantines could be enforced, driving people inside, if they had an inside.  Who would have believed that flight would all but disappear as a means of rapid transportation?  Who would have believed that almost all sports would die a slow death?  Thinking about all that, still, think these “mild” suggestions don’t have merit, or that you will not go be affected if they are come about?

Think again.  So far about 160,000 citizens have ostensibly died of the virus.  Along with that number, about one-fourth of the entire “culture” has died with them, and so much of it is gone as forever as those the virus claimed.


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