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Finding some things, a little hard to find, no matter where you go?
Making the “circuit” every few days?  That circuit is a trip to Kwik Trip, then the Pig, then Target, then Wal-Mart and finishing up with Sentry in Walworth?  How about Pepcid?  That wonderfully miraculous drug that gets you almost immediately out of heartburn or indigestion and is over the counter (OTC).  Gone, the regular stuff, not that “maximum” which, for some reason costs more and does less.  People are hoarding Pepcid because a replacement for it came out and, after it sold a bit, was recalled.  People ran in and the supplier ran out of the stuff it intended to stop producing.

Now it will take a while to get Pepcid back in the stores.  How about Charmin toilet paper or Bounty, the big sheets, not those little tear-offs?  Try chuck roast with the bone-in.  Gone.

The GSR has reported on newspapers not being available at stands anymore.  Well, Walgreen’s has brought back the Tribune so, if you want one on Sunday, get there by eight in the morning, or head across the street to the Chevron Station.  If they don’t have it then a few might be had at the BP station a few yards further west on Highway 50.  Early, you gotta go in early.  Sentry in Walworth carries the Tribune too and you can call and reserve one before you drive the distance.  Sentry also carries the New York Times, but those copies are severely limited.

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