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The Geneva Inn.
Deirdre, the woman at the front desk of the Geneva Inn is no longer there. She left the Geneva Inn last Friday.  
The mystery of her departure remains shadowy and unknown by all those members of local and visiting humanity who passed through that lobby for twenty years and received the beneficence of her cheer and smile. She will be missed at that establishment. She is likely less hurt by the leaving than all those who trailed in admiration, trust and care. To Deirdre, from those who love her:

“If you go away, as we know you must,
There’ll be nothing left in the world to trust,
Just an empty room, full of empty space,
Like the fading smile we see on your face…”

 The Geneva Java Coffee Shop, Inc. Jim Seig Top Entertainer Geneva Java
Jim Sieg bills himself as “The Last of the One Man Bands,” although his small group is staffed with a few more entertainers than just Jim. And they are a fantastic group. The Geneva Java Coffee Shop, at 252 Center St., is now presenting Jim and his group, showcasing wonderfully performed rock and country, in the front courtyard.
The show is free.
Four bucks for a bottle of New Glarus, three for a beer brat soaked overnight in Miller, and seven bucks if you want to go upscale and have a glass of wine while you enjoy the music.
Five to nine p.m. on Saturday nights, right downtown.


There is little that can be said about alderperson Elizabeth Chappel that isn’t good. But every once and awhile…
Following a presentation by a citizen at Lake Geneva’s Meeting of the Whole, Elizabeth Chappell blurted out that she couldn’t understand why anyone in the City of Lake Geneva would care about the Geneva Inn’s commercialization of the lakeshore when it’s way across the lake in Buttons Bay.
Alderperson Chappell, normally pretty clear and cogent, was not on her game Monday night. She has to know that sometimes the whole must be considered and acted upon to protect the one. Commercialization of the beach front areas might start in Buttons Bay and then spread to anywhere, even to the residential lakeshore in Chappell’s District #1. The early settlers of Lake Geneva immunized the entire residential lakeshore from what they considered the virus of commercialization with the 1910 Covenant. Stopping the Geneva Inn now is a very necessary ‘booster shot’ to inoculate the Lake Geneva Community from runaway commercialization of its waterfront.

 Historic Maple Park residents are signing- up in growing numbers!
Seventy-six local residents to date have signed up to protest the Vendetta Parking Lot Mayor Gumby (mayor of Lake Geneva) and company are using to punish the public for not approving the city’s parking structure last year.
At Monday night’s Meeting of the Whole another large group of Maple Parker’s showed up to plead for sanity before the city council. They claimed that there is absolutely no reason for tearing down a historic home built in the 1870’s to construct an unnecessary parking lot, and create a blot on the surrounding community. If there really is a parking problem, Ken Etten showed the council at least a dozen different ideas for more parking, that wouldn’t require destroying any homes in that proud and beautiful neighborhood.


This Weather was Just Passing Through


Clouds Passing Through Lake Geneva

Last Sunday night. These were the cloud formations that swept over the lake and moved east. What a windfall uplifting sight. Summer in Lake Geneva!

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