The City Council is asking the courts to repeal the previously approved Southland Farms Development plot, and then replace it with the Symphony Bay Development plot.
The city council had approved, and reapproved, the soon to be defunct Southland Farms plot.
That projects failure has not deterred the City Council from pursuing a new development’s approval on the same track of land. They are endorsing this project even though it is not needed, not wanted, and the housing will not be purchased by the local residents. The fact that virtually all recently approved housing developments have been left unfinished and incomplete, does not seem to alter this City Council’s never ending fight for growth, development and the Lake Geneva way.

 Examples of Lake Geneva’s incomplete developments can be seen at the following locations:

  • Summerhaven
  • Andria Drive
  • Stoneridge
  • Platt Ave
  • Hudson Trail
  • Pond Estates
  • Abandoned developments adjacent to (Edgewood Drive & La Salle)
  • Hillmoor Heights.

Lake Geneva’s developers have a good history of over selling their plans to city officials, and the Planning Commission and the City Council have a good history of accepting the bait and buying the outright lies. The Symphony Bay Development (PrevioiuslyDiscussed Here) (And Here)is no exception.   Unlike these smaller developments, that were compatible with the city’s improvement and demographics, the Symphony Bay Development (Pollard Developmentis not. It will alter the town forever by changing the town’s demographics from a small town, to one dominated by the invasion of older people from Illinois.
Seniors typically have goals and priorities which differ from younger citizenry, both those with and without children.

The residents of Symphony Bay could well wrest control of the city from the general population. Wrinkle Ranch, or whatever the development should really be called, will be powerful simply due to sheer numbers. A significant shift in demographics’ will bias future elections, and forevermore alter the City of Lake Geneva, its future, and its direction.

Lake Geneva does not need another housing development, especially this one.
So why is the city council supporting it?

The answer is revenue.
New development areas have high tax revenue values and low maintenance costs. Plus new development permits a percentage increase in the city’s property tax levy, so every property owner’s taxes go up, too (2014 City Audit page 48 (5) Property Tax Levy Limit).
New development is a ‘winner.’
A triple tax windfall for the city’s income and a ‘loser’-permanent tax increase-in every resident’s property taxes. In the long term residential properties incur more city costs per revenue dollar than businesses, and therefore every new residential development will eventually drive up everyone’s taxes.
Whereas, business development drives them down.

These are facts, not opinions.
It’s also a bitter fact that for all the years of it’s existence in Lake Geneva, the Board of Business Development (A.K.A. Lake Geneva Economic Development Corporation)  hasn’t brought one new business to town, or developed any of the business properties it has purchased to supposedly do so.

Sidenote: The Website LGEDC has NOT been Updated since 2014

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