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Covid-19 vaccinations are about ready to be administered.
On Sunday morning the first shipments of the coronavirus vaccine were shipped out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, to destinations in all fifty states. This is no small feat, as the very creation and testing of the vaccine has broken many records in getting it to the public. Locally Aurora Health Care is playing a big part in the effort. Aurora’s administrative and medical staff is ready and doing what it can to answer questions. The greatest priority of all health care facilities is delivering the Covid-19 vaccine safely and fairly.  Aurora Health Care is totally on board with the administration and distribution of this life-saving vaccine.

The most frequently asked questions revolve around only two issues, is it safe and when can anybody get it? Several Covid-19 vaccines have been discussed in the news, but the two being used in the USA are developed by Pfizer and Moderna. Both Pfizer and Moderna have stated that the vaccines are effective in preventing both mild and severe Covid-19 infections. Trials have been conducted in various age groups and demographics, finally concluding that the vaccines are 94%-95% effective. However, more research is being done to determine how long the vaccine will provide immunity.

There is a logical order to who gets the vaccine first. Aurora is preparing to start with frontline health care workers, followed by those who are considered at high-risk, like those elderly people in long-term rest homes and assisted care living. The government, and CDC recommendations, along with medical ethics guidelines, are being followed to ensure fair and safe distribution. As soon as large quantities of the vaccine are available, the goal is for everyone to be able to easily get vaccinated later in 2021. Aurora clinics and medical facilities are easily found in the Lake Geneva area and staff members there are readily available to answer questions. This should help diminish some anxiety and fear that has been shared by so many, as the pandemic continues to be so prevalent in the country and our own state of Wisconsin.

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