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The holiday tree search is over. The Meyerhofer family generously gifted their Norway Pine to the Streets of Lake Geneva. This beautiful tree made its journey to the Brunk Pavilion in Flat Iron Park on Monday morning. The Meyerhofer family received this tree as a gift in 1995. It was gifted to them as a small little tree in a pot decorated for the Christmas holiday and was later planted in their front yard. Over the years the beautiful tree grew to just over twenty feet tall. The great tree search has become a wonderful holiday tradition in Lake Geneva; from the selection to the journey, the decorating, and then the grand lighting ceremony, it brings the community together for some feel-good holiday warmth.

The Tree Lighting Ceremony is sponsored by Dunn Lumber this year and will be at 5:30 p.m., on Friday, December 4th. The Streets of Lake Geneva are excited to continue the tradition.  This year a few extra precautions due to the virus will need to take place. Masks, social distancing, and limited spectators will be the rule of the day and evening hours. The event will be live-streamed, including the performance of holiday classics, storytelling, and a visit from Santa (go to the Streets of Lake Geneva Facebook page).

Moving the Tree

Meyerhofer Tree Lake Geneva

The wonderful tree gifted by the Meyerhofer family begins its journey to Flat Iron Park. Ben, Jessie, and Joe did a great job cutting and transporting the tree.


The crowded, and sometimes scary, intersection of HWY 50 and Edwards Boulevard has become dangerous.
With complaints pouring in from residents, visitors, and city officials, the City of Lake Geneva has become concerned.  The city has been looking into what, if anything, can be done. The intersection has become more and more traveled over the years and includes many more business entrances and exits very close to the multi-lane intersection.  Kapur and Associates Consulting Engineers has gathered information from studies performed and ideas have been shared with committee members.  This was done last week at the public works meeting. The crash data concluded that the intersection of HWY 50 and Edwards Boulevard is the single most problematic traffic area in Lake Geneva. Additional studies to gather more data need to be conducted, however. As of right now, Kapur believes something needs to be changed so plans are underway.

The businesses located in the midst of the heavily traveled intersecting roadways may have some big changes coming, as to how potential patrons and customers enter and exit their properties. Left turn lanes added in the appropriate areas are a possible solution, along with closing some of the entrances and exits of the Mobil Station and Walgreens, reconfiguring the traffic flow in and out of those properties. The Walmart entrances are being looked at, as well as filling in the sidewalk gaps, hopefully making a safer passage for pedestrians. Because this section of HWY 50 and Edwards Boulevard are city streets and not State streets mean fewer requirements and regulations that need to be followed, however, that means the state is not obligated to help with the cost.

The intersection has become too dangerous to leave as it is, and this is not the kind of thing that cutting corners should be considered. The potential of a median and easement for that purpose was also discussed. All the city officials concerned, and the engineers of Kapur agree, the intersection has become too dangerous to leave as it is. The new developing idea is to come up with a concrete plan and, once approved, schedule the project and get it done.


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