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The Seventeenth of December looms larger and larger.
The citizens, taxpayers, and residents (provable) of The Town of Linn will be showing up at this very special meeting in order to decide if the Town of Linn is going to be run by elected and appointed officials or by a gaggle of mentally displaced residents who have somehow come to believe that the Town should not be run at all.  Introducing resolutions at the last ‘annual’ meeting, wherein almost anything can be proposed and then voted upon by gathered ‘electors,’ these assembled residents appear to not want the existing board to be paid, to have the power to tax, to have any power at all.

How the town is supposed to conduct itself through the winter becomes a good question if any of these idiotic resolutions are confirmed by a real assembled body of qualified and vetted electors.  What measures are the current board taking to ensure that whoever attends the coming meeting on the seventeenth is qualified to be voting, is not being discussed at the present time?

The last crew of ‘wrecking ball’ citizenry, if citizens they were, submitted stuff that brings into question whether the Town of Linn might do well to begin setting aside some of its invested monies to open and operate a fully qualified mental health clinic.  Watching this small collected, but well prepared, group work brought to mind the line ‘who are those guys, anyway?’ taken from the script of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  There is trouble in Town of Linn and it’s not any kind of trouble that Jim Weiss has created, although here are undercurrents coming from this raucously complaining gaggle, that Jim’s sudden departure from working as the city administrator over in nearby Williams Bay, has something to do with it.

Funny that this same voting block group also voted to increase the town clerk’s salary upward by fifteen thousand dollars a year.  Which person in the bitterly crying group wants that job?  Show up at the town meeting on the 17th. You probably won’t have to bring your own fireworks, although a case of Budweiser might fit right in.

Person of the Week

Bill Meyerhofer Lake Geneva

Bill Meyerhofer and his family are the wonderful people that donated this year’s Christmas tree to Lake Geneva. Thank you for your donation and a beautiful tree.

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