Living Here

The Walworth County Jail.
This facility provides a safe, secure, and constitutional operated detention center in a most respectful, professional, and fiscally responsible manner. The five hundred and twelve-bed facility in Elkhorn houses male and female inmates with charges ranging from traffic offenses to murder. The majority of the crimes people are arrested for are non-violent. The jail is clean and well-staffed, leaving inmates safe from aggressive situations. This, however, does not mean the inmates aren’t treated like the lowest class of humans on the planet. The argument: “well, they are criminals,” has some merit, but not much.

The purpose of jail is to punish and correct anti-social behavior, and yes, it does that, but how much is too much? Visits inside are very important and vital to the inmates, connecting them to the outside world, and giving them a sense that someone cares. Walworth County is one of the last jails to change the intimate visits conducted through plexiglass to video visits. This is justified by video systems sales staff in statements that it is better for all, including the inmates, their families, and jail staff. The video visits are set up through IC Solutions which offers video visits, phone time, commissary, and many more services to about two hundred and thirty correctional facilities nationwide. Everything is recorded, monitored, and dehumanized by the use of technology. Also, it is not easy for someone to set up a visit, when they need to login and create an account with IC Solutions, schedule a time, and make sure they can make that time because they can’t change it once made. The jail does have video visits right at the jail, but if a person wants to have the convenience of having the visit from a personal computer it will cost a $15.00 non-refundable fee for a thirty-minute visit. Walworth County Jail was one of the last to offer somewhat of a personal visit a couple of times a week to inmates, which was a nice thing, and now that is gone.

Person Of the Week

Streblow Boats

Jaun Ruiz, the very talented Streblow boat painter, and fabulous artist. Jaun loves his art, boats, and the people he creates them for. Stop in at Streblow and ask for a peek around the shop and you are sure to encounter Jaun

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