The Bright Side

Why your vote matters.
The real value of living in the City of Lake Geneva is that it is a friendly, peaceful, and safe, small town with a beautiful clear lake in an area that is centrally located near large cities, but far enough away from them to not be part of them. That’s what small-town charm is all about. Or at least that is what the City of Lake Geneva has been known for through its entire history, until about 10 to 15 years ago when the attitude of the city government changed its focus from ambiance to growth and revenue. Since then, have all the additional housing developments, apartment and condominium communities and hotels improved neighborhoods? No.

Will turning Hillmoor into a resort community improve streets, traffic flow and reduce congestion in town? No.

Will closing down Wrigley Drive improve access to The Riviera, the beach and walks along the Lake Front? No.

Will closing down the city’s boat launch and moving it to the current edge of the city by Big Foot Park make it more convenient for town residents? No.

Should Lake Shore Drive be rerouted through BigFoot park’s woods and block the best public view of the lake? No.

All of these changes and proposed changes make things worse for the majority of the city’s residents. One must ask why those in the city leadership positions have been pushing all of these issues for the last ten years? The short answer is that those running the city’s government are mostly running the City of Lake Geneva for those who benefit from the City of Lake Geneva, as opposed to the residents who live here. The long answer is that it is done for personal and financial reasons that benefit developers, friends, partners, associates, church members, builders, realtors, and bankers. So many are benefiting at the expense of the City of Lake Geneva’s residents. The selling out of Lake Geneva must be stopped.

The spring election on April 7th will be the best, and perhaps the last, real opportunity for residents to change development direction before the city’s fate becomes irreversible or sealed, and the city itself becomes like the places where the people who live in the city had originally left, to get away from. Most people who visit Lake Geneva come to get away from where they live for a while, even if only for a day, but those who have been ruining the town don’t have a clue what they may be destroying, as they remake the City of Lake Geneva into what people who come here are trying to get away from.


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