Living Here

The Driehaus Estate.
What really goes on in a monster chateau of that size and wealth? Is it run like the fortress of Dracula, or maybe the castle of Dr. Phibes? Not hardly. Not from talking to employees and former employees. Apparently, Mr. Driehaus, the sole owner, who shows up every once and awhile and has his own giant birthday fireworks show there, is quite the magnanimous boss. He recently hired Gage’s Lady of the Lake to take his entire yard service group (called intimately; ‘The Yard Kings’) out for dinner, drinks, a band and then pulled in near the magnificent residence to enjoy the fireworks that night. Wow! This special man also is behind the donation to build the fountain named after him at the Riviera Pier in Lake Geneva. All rich people are not obnoxious or bitterly stingy. Mr. Scrooge does not live at the Driehaus estate, and almost everyone having any personal contact with Mr. Driehaus will attest to that. That he is no longer a U.S. Citizen (his primary passport is Irish), is bothersome though.

Dreihaus Riviera Fountain Lake Geneva


Stone Manor.
What goes on in this place, the largest estate chateau on the entire lake? Stone Manor is divided up into seven condominiums. The entire first floor is going to be the residence of Tina Trahan (out of Evanston, Santa Monica and Hollywood). Part of the third floor is lived in by Mike and Kathleen Kocouric. They are a delight, and also own more business property in Lake Geneva than anyone else except for Keefe and Inland Properties. Mike and Kathleen are also generous to a fault, not just with money, but with their time. The rest of the residents will not let us list who they are or what part of the manor they live in. The GSR knows, but respects their right to privacy because the GSR is afraid of them. People who live in glass houses…well, usually have quite a bit of money. The electric gates that protect everything have many codes, changed all the time, so don’t think you are going to waltz in and look around, or make videos, or any of that nonsense.

Stone Manor Lake Geneva

Stone Manor, Lake geneva


The Lake Geneva Country Club.
Located down from Luis’s Pizza at the South Lake Shore Drive and Linton Road intersection. There’s no gate that’s ever locked to keep you from driving down that road. You arrive at the main club house by driving through the gorgeous golf course. The course can only be played by members and guests, however, so there’s mostly nobody on it even during the summer. That it’s there, and so well kept up gives you an idea of the wealth behind the club itself. If you go into the building you arrive in the huge dining room that is the main feature of the place.

Members can eat free on Friday nights, but not many show up. Most are pretty old. There are specially kept private tables in the main room belonging to families with well-known names, like the Wrigley family. They rarely come. But the tables sit there waiting. Don’t hang around if you are going to cruise the place, though. Remember that you are on private property and the ticket for trespassing, if the club wants to call in the cops, is quite steep in Town of Linn. If you are already rich, then don’t worry about it though. They will just invite you to join. If you look right. If you know what that means.

Lake Geneva Country Club

Lake Geneva Country club is one of the oldest 18-hole golf courses in the United States. The country club began its operation in 1895. This very private club was founded by a group of successful Chicago businessmen who enjoyed spending their summer’s in Lake Geneva. The current clubhouse was built using stone and concrete because the original wooden structure burned in a fire in 1915.

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