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When will the Ice Castle open?
They have missed the promoted dates of the opening in December and being open for Christmas, but there is still January. The promoted dates were missed because December’s temperature has been 2.6 degrees *F above average, and is expected to continue as such.  Based on the current level of completion and expected weather, the earliest possible opening date is around Jan. 12th, but the most probable date is Jan. 18. The concern from the beginning has been the weather because the Ice Castle that was built in the Dells didn’t open and stay open until Jan. 18th, which is the last date before winter warming usually begins.

The real concern with the Ice Castle in the City of Lake Geneva is whether or not the weather will cooperate and be cold enough for the Ice Castle to be completed. Will January’s average temperature be only 5 degrees colder than December, and will that be cold enough to finish the Ice Castle before the weather warms? We will just have to wait and see. But in any case, it is both interesting and beautiful to see how the Ice Castle is being constructed by spraying a mist over strategically placed icicles when temperatures permit. However, if the wind is blowing across the lake and the water is being sprayed, then extreme caution is urged for those walking or driving around Wrigley Drive  by the Ice Castle because some of the mist lands on the surrounding area and forms a thin coating of Ice over the area, making walking and driving hazardous.  Most business owners here in Lake Geneva know that winter months are tough when it comes to generating or meeting revenue goals and bank on local winter activities to bring in tourists.

That is exactly what they were hoping to accomplish with the building of the Ice Castle.  It would appear mother nature is throwing a temperature tantrum in response to this edifice.  Lake Geneva is now entering January, and profits for both the Ice Castle and downtown businesses are rapidly melting away. It is undetermined just how many open weeks anyone might see with the Ice Castle.  The only thing for certain now is those “ice farmers” will be watching the weather closely the next few weeks.

Ice Castle Progress January 2, 2018


Dr Christine at the WVRC Racine

Dr. Christine (like Dr. House with humans on the TV show!) the emergency veterinarian in Racine! Saved Bentley. Thanks so much for Christmas and New Year’s doc!!!

Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center.
WVRC, for short. You have a veterinary emergency. Your beloved pet is down, or about to be down and out, and it’s Christmas, New Year’s or some odd after-business hour of the day or night. What do you do? If you live in Lake Geneva then there’s nothing to be done about it, at least nothing within about forty miles of it. You call this number: 262 553 9223 and then you get your pet to; 4333 Old Green Bay Road, Racine, Wisconsin 53403. 24/7.

This referral from the GSR comes after several experiences in and around the Lake Geneva communities. This WVRC group is the cutting edge. It’s not cheap and you have to pay a substantial advance when you take the pet in, not just upon pickup. But do they do the job? They sure do. If you love your pet madly, and you are worried to death, then get them to this place and you will not be sorry one bit.

Zenda Winter

Snow near Zenda 1979

A throwback to January 1979. This is east of Zenda, after a train and snowplow went through! Thanks, Myrna from the Town of Linn for sharing.


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