America, the ruptured duck. This country, the most successful country to ever exist on planet earth, cannot get its communication’s systems to function as objective voices about what is going on. The population is sent spinning endlessly down the dead end, one-way streets, and into circling cup de sacs that they are told lead somewhere, but in fact, go only to their own behinds.

This morning generals were on television talking about how ISIS has been conquered, except for pockets of resistance here and there. ISIS, after the Taliban, after Al Qaida, and other organizations that were supposedly vanquished before them. Seventeen years and that’s all these clowns can report? After spending trillions of dollars and God knows how many lives. And it’s all poppycock. Oil is never mentioned but there it as at the bottom of it all. The Turks, the Russians, the Kurds…all over oil. But mainstream media has the public quivering when the White House doesn’t do it for them. The government that is sort of shut down, with the house and senate pouting, and the Emperor with no clothes strutting his usual stuff, well-supported by a fawning sold out mass media. No wonder American’s think they live in misery and squalor, threatened by gangs and boarded up in their homes with caches of weapons they don’t even know how to use, but buying ever more.

Fear motivates. Fear sells. Fear is the tool of mass media and the country’s leadership. Yet, America lives in a time of near total peace when the facts are examined. It’s such a powerful country that there is no competitor, either militarily or economically, that is not totally made up. Russia for example, can’t even compete with California as an economic entity. It’s not even close to that. America is a like a splinted, bandaged and medicated accident victim limping down the street when there was no accident and no injuries. And it’s all made up for money. Get an M-16 and wait for what’s not coming. Join the night ranks of those of us back from the wars spending our nights at the windows of our homes doing the same thing. At least we know they aren’t coming and we know we are a bit screwed up. The country does not possess that knowledge. And so, the public waits for the disaster they are sure is right down the road, across the fence, or hiding in the forest nearby. If we survive as a culture, future generations will study just how a nation was led to the very brink of failure while it was at its greatest success, by hucksters, thieves and carnival barkers dressed up and trained to be leading citizens by a media that is so sold out it doesn’t even bother to hide it.

The country tries to endure, attempts to make believe that the great governmental shutdown is just legal posturing, all the while it remains incredibly powerful…and powerfully blind, as well. The Fourth Estate, which is how the free press has been formally known, has been intended through the years to be a balancing agent among social control entities. The government is one of those social control entities, religion is another and science, or the results of scientific discovery, can be a third…but the media was never intended to be a social control entity. Television was invented and all that changed. The Internet was invented and it changed even more until we reach the modern era.

Now, the media is very definitely about social control, but since it is the media, it doesn’t reveal that fact. Although owned by conservative corporations, every major media outlet, network, and cable, is touted to be independent and objective. What civilization has allowed in America’s great climb to the very top of the world can all recede. In this new year, it would behoove everyone living in this culture to consider that. Unless the nation can redirect its money toward building new roads, bridges, trains, and spaceships instead of destroyers, aircraft carriers and increased military might abroad, it will not be able to afford to keep its place in the world.

However, if the media can’t be reined in then none of the rest of any survival actions will matter.
~James Strauss


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