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The Fontana Bridge is still out.
That means, if you get in your vehicle and try to drive around the lake you are going to end up going through the Town of Walworth whether you want to or not. The labyrinthine series of detour roads are interesting to drive on but the process is time-consuming and tedious. The bridge will not be completed until next summer, so plan on driving through Lake Geneva when you want to get around the lake.

The Grand Geneva prepares the snow God refuses to provide.
The grounds were closed on Monday and Tuesday because of a water main break but they should be re-opened by the time you read this issue of the GSR. The resort has been pumping water to make snow all week, until the break, but the photo should reveal that the place is ready for skiers. The runs are small, the liability release ridiculous and the prices are high but the resort is close, intimate and the parking is right there and great. The Grand Geneva is a great place to go to learn how to ski or take the kids.


Making Snow Grand Geneva

That’s not snow being drawn up from the pack below by the wind. That’s snow being made from water/snow machines owned and operated by the Grand Geneva Resort. As
beautiful and attractive as it is inventive.


The outrage of the coming utility rate increase is coming to visit all Lake Geneva residents and property owners.
The Wisconsin State Public Utilities Commission is meeting in Madison to decide whether Lake Geneva’s Utility Department request to increase rates by fourteen percent (14%) is allowable. There is little doubt that the commission will approve the hike since the commission has a history of approving all utility rate hikes over the years. What happened to Lake Geneva’s residents and property owners in this tax increase mess?
They got left out.
They got left holding the tab.
They were ‘bait and switched’ by members of a department that’s removed itself from city inspection, control and accountability. The utility department offices and headquarters sit across the White River from Lake Geneva’s Municipal Building, but the waters might just as well be those of the Pacific Ocean.
Utah Blaine, Lake Geneva’s new ‘gunfighter’ of a city administrator, spends considerable time thinking about how he might be able to bring the city’s utility department back under city control. He’s suggested and advised but it will take an order from the city council to do away with the powerful fiefdom sitting over there like a grand ice palace across the river. Will Aldermen Kupsik or Wilson, the candidates for the mayor’s job, spearhead such an attack? One thing is certain; the amphibious assault across those difficult waters will take a concerted effort not dissimilar from an island beach landing of the United States Marine Corps.

Lake Geneva Water Bill Fleecing Cartoon


The first baby born to the local area was born at Mercy Hospital Center on January 4th, 2016 at 7:52 a.m.
The newest member of the Lake Geneva community came in at six pounds nine ounces, and is 19 inches in height (there’s no information on who stood the baby up to measure). Her name is Rose. She was born to Lori Van Den Bosch and Will Wilkenning. Will runs Auto Gurus, the automotive repair shop located in Lake Geneva on Highway H.

Those things of nothingness.
The trash is still not being picked up from the dumpsters located in the alleys between the streets of Wrigley and Main in downtown Lake Geneva. Nothing. Nada. Nichts. The trash just builds ever higher above the open tops of the dumpsters and since quite a few restaurants use the dumpsters one can only imagine what the smell would be like it winter cold had not set in. The cold cannot remain forever and the city, in concert with local businesses, has got to do something about this mess. And then there’s the snow plowing. About the only consideration the city has made to plowing out shop owners when their sidewalks clog up with the white stuff is to plow down an ornately constructed canvas canopy on Main Street.

The entire downtown area of sidewalks could be plowed all winter for what it’s going to cost to replace the canopy! But nothing happens. The city council considers downsizing committees, cutting meeting times and hours, limiting public participation and speaking while doing little to improve life for citizens and merchants. It’s the small things that count so much, almost any visitor to the area will mention. For example; it’s not the price of parking that bothers people when they come to town to shop and play, it’s the difficulties of using a Luke II system that is quite frankly unfriendly to operate. Who wants to feel like an idiot standing in front of one of those machines? Who wants to wade through and climb over piles of snow?
The City of Lake Geneva needs to get serious about getting the work done and not spend so much time talking about getting the work done.


The gasoline revelations of the Geneva Shore Report resound.
Chicago. Tuesday, December 4, 2016. Five Citgo gas stations are shut down on the southwest side of Chicago. The offense causing the shutdown and potential fines of fifty to two thousand dollars a day per offending pump? The stations have been adding water to the gasoline. A novel way to save money since water is much cheaper to buy than gas. Water from the tap is essential free. How is it that water can be added to gasoline and engines still run after the mix is burned? Why is the mix burned at all?

Wouldn’t a gasoline powered engine simply quit if there was water mixed in with the gas?

As it turns out, and drag racers have know this for years, adding a small percentage (about four percent) of water to gas an engine actually gains power, although it can also come apart very easily and quickly. Water added to gas in small increments increases the compression in the engine’s cylinders because it cannot be compressed. Water changes into vapor but the vapor takes up space in the cylinder head. That space leaves less space for the gasoline to ignite in and thereby raises compression and power. A little too much water however, and the engine blows up. The owner of the automobile, and even mechanics the broken auto might be taken to, would likely never know what caused the engine to blow up.

Citgo, the company that has its name on the five stations shut down, refused to comment (since the stations only borrow the Citgo name one can easily understand that) while the actual owners of the stations remained unavailable. Questions left on the voicemail of all five stations went un-responded to on Tuesday. This is just another part of the continuing fraud being perpetrated on the public by gas stations because of how much the public has trusted them to deliver what they have promised. A complaint was filed with the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection on Tuesday morning but the Geneva Shore Report received no response.

Currently, the Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators have been sent out to the field around Lake Geneva to find out if there is any water being added to local gasoline. There are twenty-two gas stations around the lake so all won’t be tested but a random selection of places inspected should be telling with respect to whether this Chicago practice has spread to southern Wisconsin.

Is water in your fuel tank?


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