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Letter to the Editor: Eternal punishment is not something our vastly imaginative human minds can really take in. The reasons for such a result’s existence, its process of continuance, or even gate keeping recording and evaluation management is beyond us. And that’s why the concept exists, so often presented and predicted by religious elements of our controlling social cultural constructs require. We humans do what is required of us by the nearly universally serendipitous causal factors of life. We are all about continuously revolving about differential survival processes and plans. We are constantly awakening to new daily worlds, attempting to influence results and then easing nightly in sleep to let those results fall into the past. We are about results, and we are not alone.

All animal and vegetable life on this planet is participating in some sort of sentient or insentient planning for results. All genetic structures (life) seek to exist, propagate and survive under more favorable circumstance than provided by the planetary effects of pure fortune. All life on earth is about deception. Predators sneak up on prey atop the surface areas of the world’s wilder forests, jungles and plains. They color themselves over time to blend in with their surroundings, much as humans use camouflage uniforms and devices to be less noticeable in combat. Plants trick other plants, insects and animals all the time using shapes and colors. There’s even one non-poisonous snake that’s made itself to completely mimic the shape and coloration of another snake species able to bite and deliver deadly toxins.

Humankind, in all likely probability, is the first earthly species to not only recognize interspecies deception but also practice intra-species deception and feel bad about doing so. In fact, human survival, once it reached a certain post agricultural discovery point, began (and continues) to depend on deceiving others of its own species to the point where almost all of known homo sapien life is filled with much more fiction than truth or reality. This huge fictional part of our lives can be referred to as a phenomenal application laid in over a foundation of reality.

Reality shows on television are all scripted and acted. All of them, no matter how convinced you are by bad dialogue and acting that everything is real and spontaneous. Book deals are almost all signed with famous stars or family and friends. Hollywood is the same way. Corporate life is set up the same way. The bosses son, daughter, cousin, nephew or friend’s relatives are all going to get the great paying jobs you’ve worked so hard for…and nobody’s going to tell you that, especially if last names are different. Hollywood actors don’t change their names because they sound better to the public. They change them so you won’t know that they got the work by being family. Extraordinary exceptions, like Arnold Schwarzenegger prove this, as his stardom hasn’t been the least impeded by his bizarre last name.

We live submersed in deception and we live feeling guilty about that simply because we have all been given the capability to foresee a world where that might not need to be our way of life. All human life that has contact with other human life lives among others who hold belief systems of guilt along with mental and physical methods to accommodate the guilt. Christian’s believe in perdition to the point of everlasting misery for all time to come. Muslim’s, Mormon’s and most of the rest of the “God” religions are similar with only the modified belief systems of some humans applied to separate them. Non-God religions usually have some sort of “Kharma” as their foundation (the lies you tell will come back to haunt you in following lives). Understanding how and why deception became a necessary inescapable survival strategy for all humans allows for easier accommodation, acceptance and quite possibly better performance in applying it in one’s future. Deception caught is punished in draconian ways by all societies. This is done to support the maintenance of social systems whereby the more knowledgeable and experienced can profit from and dominated those less schooled by life. True perdition exists but it exists in our present lives. True perdition is visited upon those who do not deceive, upon those who’ve not learned that all others around them are deceiving in unbelievable amounts at indescribably high levels.

The real world is there, right at your fingertips, right outside but participating in the phenomenal world is where you must live and survive or perdition will be your only reward. Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva activist



Extraordinary What makes someone extraordinary? I was recently speaking with a friend about friends and family members that were no longer with us, as we do when the New Year comes around. My friend’s grandmother was an extraordinary person. She was both street and intellectually smart. She was giving and funny. She would write letters to all her friends and family whether they wrote back or not. This was at a time when snail mail was the only mail, and grandchildren really appreciated that letter addressed just to them. She was a dedicated church goer and went every day. She was also a pain in the ass. She held herself to a very high standard and expected the same from those around her. She didn’t like swearing, or bad table manners. She also could not cook, perhaps her greatest flaw. And yet she was still extraordinary. A great dame, “a broad” in the best of terms. Her name was Marion. My friend and I remarked on the fact that we know of fewer and people that could possibly qualify for being extraordinary. Is it a sign of the times? Extraordinary does not mean a perfect person, god forbid. An extraordinary person is someone that you want to spend time with even with their flaws. So for this New Year maybe instead of taking up a New Year’s resolution that will be dropped in a few weeks, go out and let those few extraordinary persons in your life know you appreciate them, and maybe even try to be one yourself. And to one special extraordinary person, Jeanette Maxwell of Daddy Maxwell’s, you make the list. ~~Terry O’Neill

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