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A five-alarm fire caused major damage and left twelve residents displaced in Genoa City.
The Bloomfield Fire Department responded to a call at Pebble Brook Apartments on Main Street, on Sunday morning. The building was quickly cleared of residents, and other fire departments were called in for assistance. The fire started on the first floor when several oxygen tanks exploded resulting in danger and panic. Fortunately, only one resident in the apartment where the fire started, received only minor injuries. One firefighter was taken to a hospital in Illinois after falling through the second floor (suffering minor injuries). But, no other injuries were reported and both injured men are expected to be fine.

The community really came together rapidly, setting up emergency assistance at the First Congressional Church. The church offered shelter and food along with any donations collected for immediate needs. The future of these turned out residents needs to be considered, and they cared for, as the building is a complete loss, and at least temporary housing will be needed. Monetary donations along with gas, store and cash cards, are still being accepted at the wonderful little church located at 624 Park Street, Genoa City. For more information call 262-275-5547. Small town unity and strength is inspiring to witness and be a part of.


Spring Election in Lake Geneva. Paperwork is due for all candidates running for office in the 2020 spring election. Many local positions are open, including four alderperson positions, the mayor’s office and that of the city attorney. Lake Geneva City Council members and alderpersons serve two-year terms, each of which pays an annual salary of $4,000. The mayor’s position earns just over $6000, and the city attorney (who is considered a full-time employee), makes approximately $67,000 annually.

Current incumbents, whose terms are up, include Mayor Tom Hartz, City Attorney Dan Draper, Alderperson Cindy Flower, Alderperson Selena Proksa, Alderperson Tim Dunn, and Alderperson Doug Skates. Skates is the only one who has turned in paperwork declaring he will not be running for another term. Mary Jo Fessenmeier has officially announced she will run for alderperson in the second district in his place. Fessenmeier is not new to city politics, as she is a former alderperson. She regularly attends common council meetings and is a passionate advocate for Lake Geneva.

Another former Lake Geneva Alderperson, Terry O’Neill, has also turned in his paperwork and will be running for alderman for district four. O’Neill has made his presence and opinion known on local issues at city meetings. He may have taken a formal break from city politics, but in no way has he taken a break from Lake Geneva. Mayor Tom Hartz is believed to be running for another term, and definitely being opposed by Charlene Klein.

This will be the second time Hartz and Klein will be running against one another for the position of mayor. While not holding office, Charlene has not stopped voicing concerns, ideas and making her presence known. This is sure to be an exciting election. More candidates may be announced after all the paperwork comes in on Tuesday afternoon at five p.m.



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