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When is one old enough to give advice?
There is no age at which one automatically becomes wise enough to give advice, but one’s chances improve with age and experience and one can always question the actions of others. Conversely, there is no age at which one cannot be helped with good advice. Old sayings, trite as they may be and said in different ways, often contain good information if one just listens to them. When the rats abandon a ship, then you know it is going down. Even “Proverbs 29:4 the king by justice establishes the land, but he that receive gifts overthrows it.”

Could this kind of advice apply to some of the current and prior City of Lake Geneva’s officials, who gave assurances, and whose actions, resulted in multiple lawsuits against the City of Lake Geneva including the Hummel, Geneva Ridge, Peller, and Hillmoor lawsuits, and the multiple scandals (including the “free salt giveaway,” the “missing fountain money,” the “scrap metal for cash,” the “towed car give away,” and the “free storage for friends,”) could all have been avoided with some decent advice that might have been taken?

Ice-Free Lake Conditions

Lake Como

Lake Como, as well as most lakes, are ice-free this unseasonably warm winter.

Featured Image by Rex F May,

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