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There was a BID (Business Improvement District) meeting this last Monday morning. The BID has turned out to be a vital caring organization fighting for the merchants in downtown Lake Geneva. The board meeting is open to the public and the public really ought to attend. The mayor attends, as does John Halverson from the council. It’s fun to watch how masterfully the meeting is run, and just how much in the way of good manners prevails while these unheralded men and women try to make Lake Geneva better.

One board member brought up the Hillmoor lawsuit and then offered his method of settling it. He wanted the BID to get in touch with the Hillmoor owners and see if they would accept the building of a very high-density apartment if they would drop their lawsuit. Very wisely, the suggestion of this member of the board was handed over to the mayor. Tom considered the idea before replying to the suggestion. He finally told the man that the city attorney would have to be consulted because the matter is under his legal guidance. He also said that the BID itself could not enter into such negotiations as it was not legally entitled to do so, and it would set a bad precedent if it did. Perfect. The idea was pretty terrible, but nobody said that, and other business could then be conducted in an orderly manner, like converting the BID to a non-profit company so it could apply for the many grants such organizations can qualify for. The BID is a motivated group of skilled men and women doing an important job.

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Dieter Sturm, the Snowmaker

Dieter Sturm., Lake Geneva

Dieter Sturm, special effects master, filmmaker, songwriter, All-Season Extreme and Lake Geneva Resident.

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